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Would you like to make a gift in honour or memory of someone dear to you? Samaritan’s Purse will be glad to send beautiful honour cards, or memorial cards to those you specify to let them know about your gift and how it is being used to transform lives and spread the hope of the Gospel. If you prefer, we can send you cards to personalise and mail yourself.

Once you have purchased your gifts, you will receive an email from us enabling you to order your cards, or to send on E-cards.

Where Most Needed

Ref: 12000

Care for Mothers and Babies

Ref: 13912 Suggested gift: £75

Warm Clothing and Shoes

Ref: 13913 Suggested gift: £25

Rescue Children in Crisis

Ref: 13914 Suggested gift: £75

Empower Children with Disabilities

Ref: 13915 Suggested gift: £150

Feed a Hungry Baby

Ref: 13916 Suggested gift: £9

Mend a Child’s Heart

Ref: 13922 Suggested gift: £1800 or £50

Disciple a Child Through The Greatest Journey

Ref: 13903 Suggested gift: £5 or £75

Operation Christmas Child

Ref: 13909 Suggested gift: £5 or £100

Help Iraqi Christians Return Home

Ref: 13917 Suggested gift: £2,500 or £100

Cosy Blankets and Bedding

Ref: 13918 Suggested gift: £6

Gospel Booklets

Ref: 13919 Suggested gift: £5

Basketballs and Sports Gear

Ref: 13920 Suggested gift: £8

Baby Chicks

Ref: 13921 Suggested gift: £14

Help a Family Survive Disaster

Ref: 13923 Suggested gift: £35

Feed a Crisis-Stricken Family

Ref: 13924 Suggested gift: £25

Care for Desperate Refugees

Ref: 13925 Suggested gift: £125

Provide Life-Saving Medical Care

Ref: 13822 Suggested gift: £100

Put a Stop to Human Trafficking

Ref: 13908 Suggested gift: £45

Stand With Persecuted Christians

Ref: 13931 Suggested gift: £40

Train and Equip an Evangelist

Ref: 13926 Suggested gift: £35

Bibles and Christian Literature

Ref: 13904 Suggested gift: £15

Give a Water Filter to a Family

Ref: 13886 Suggested gift: £70

Clean Water Projects

Ref: 13906 Suggested gift: £30

Drill a Well for a Village

Ref: 13887 Suggested gift: £30

World Medical Mission

Ref: 13928 Suggested gift: £30

Restore Sight to the Blind

Ref: 13929 Suggested gift: £40

Mend Cleft Lip

Ref: 13929 Suggested gift: £250 or £25

Goats and Dairy Animals

Ref: 13927 Suggested gift: £30

Items shown in this catalogue are for the sole purpose of illustrating goods and services used in ministry projects. All contributions designated for specific ministry projects will be applied to those projects, and up to 10 percent may be used for administering the gift. Occasionally, if we receive more contributions for a given project than can wisely be applied to that project, we use those funds to meet a similar pressing need. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Samaritan's Purse has complete control over the use of all donated funds.