Project Leader Resources

Project Leader Resources

Project leaders make it easy for their church or group to participate in Operation Christmas Child

Step 1



  • This is the first and most important step of shoebox packing! Commit to pray and facilitate prayer throughout the process of shoebox collections.

Set a shoebox goal.

  • Itís a great idea to set a goal because it motivates participants and helps you adapt activities as you chart the progress toward the goal.

Determine how to reach the goal.

  • Will you invite individuals and families to pack their own shoebox gifts?
  • Will you organise and host a packing party for a group?

How will you collect the £5 per shoebox shipping donation?

  • By each individual shoebox packer attaching the donations to their gifts via the online donation process Follow Your Box?
  • By creating your own fundraising webpage?

Cast vision and discuss plan with church or group leadership.

Determine how you will get started.

  • Will you have a Project Launch Event?
  • Download or order free materials and films from our Resources Page.

Bonus idea: Collect items year round to make packing easier!

Step 2

Get the word out

Implement the promotional plan.

  • Use a selection of OCC leaflets, Posters, Facebook covers, videos, photos, etc., from the website
  • Share OCC stories, photos, and videos from OCCís webpages.

Review the steps of packing a shoebox.

  • Be able to demonstrate how to pack a shoebox. Know what can and canít be packed.
  • Emphasise the importance of including a quality "wow" item and £5 shipping donation in each shoebox.
  • Encourage participants to discover the destination of their shoebox gifts by donating online through Follow Your Box.
Step 3

Collect and celebrate what God has done!

Collect and Celebrate What God has Done!

  • Host a Shoebox Celebration Event
  • Collect shoeboxes in a high traffic area so people will notice as more gifts are collected.
  • Share your photos with @occuk, using the hashtag #ipackshoeboxes.
  • Drop off the shoeboxes at your nearest Drop Off Point between 1 ñ 18 November

Bonus idea: Become a Year-Round Volunteer and be part of coordinating this amazing campaign!

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Celebration Sunday Resource

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Project Launch Sunday

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