Operation Christmas Child

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Prepare to pack your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes by ordering free resources. We’ll provide everything you need to get started this shoebox season—labels, posters, flyers, packing party guides, inspirational videos, and more. Each item will help you pack and send your shoebox gifts, as well as spread the word about Operation Christmas Child to your church, group, or community.

Looking for pre-printed shoeboxes? Packs of 100 are now avialble to order below. For packs of 20 or 50 pre-printed shoeboxes please click here.

Campaign film - Natalia's story

2018 Campaign Film - Natalia's Story

To help promote the campaign in an exciting and motivational way use our latest campaign film to tell the story of a simple shoebox gift, and the impact it has on a child and the wider community.

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Pack of 100 preprinted shoeboxes

Preprinted shoeboxes (100 per pack)

If you can’t get hold of any shoeboxes of your own, you can buy our colourful preprinted shoeboxes to share with your friends, family, work colleagues and church groups. Pack them full of gifts that will bring joy to a child who may never have received a gift before. For packs of 20 or 50 pre-printed shoeboxes please click here.

2018 'How to pack a shoebox' Leaflet thumbnail

How To Pack Your Shoebox Leaflet

Includes step-by-step instructions, shoebox labels, a spiritual impact story, and a donation envelope. Available in packs of 50 - order enough to inspire your congregation, group, friends or family to pack shoebox gifts for children around the world.

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A3 Poster

OCC A3 Poster

A larger poster to promote Operation Christmas Child in your church or group, or to publicise a Packing Party event in your area.

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A4 Poster Download

OCC A4 Poster

Promote local Operation Christmas Child events by customising and displaying these posters on noticeboards in your classrooms, meeting rooms, local business, businesses, drop-off locations, or around your neighbourhood.

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Label Sheet - B&W

This is ideal if you are holding a Packing Party and don’t require a leaflet for every shoebox. You could even make the combined project donation online for every shoebox filled.

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Shoebox Gift Ideas

Want some extra ideas of what to pack in your shoeboxes? This list shows some favourite things and will help you on the way.

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Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo

Upload this to your Facebook page during the campaign to let your friends know about Operation Christmas Child, the perfect way to get more people packing shoeboxes!

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The Journey of a Shoebox

The Journey of a Shoebox A5 Flyer

Packing your shoebox gift and dropping it off is just the beginning. This simple illustration shows you the journey it takes to get into the hands of a child in need, and the impact of many people along the way.

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Welsh Leaflet thumbnail

Sut i Bacio Eich Rhodd Bocs Esgidiau

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'All About Me' sheet

A great way to get your children involved in the project and to tell the child that receives your shoebox gift more about where it came from.

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Year-Round Printable Calendar

To help spread the cost of your shoebox gift over the year, use this handy calendar as a reminder to add a gift to your monthly shopping trip.

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