Ideas for Schools
UK School children with shoeboxes

Operation Christmas Child enjoys the support of around 2,000 UK schools that recognise its valuable contribution to pursuing the vision and values of their schools. You can choose to make one shoebox per class with each child contributing a gift, or every child could fill a shoebox – whatever works best for your school.  Here are some ideas for how to take part:

  • Why UK schools love packing shoebox gifts

    Helen Cole, Principal of Ballykelly Primary School said:

    “The benefits of supporting Samaritan’s Purse for the children here are enormous. It fits into the caring, supporting ethos of our school. It helps the children here to understand what life is like for children who are less fortunate than themselves. It gives them a sense of looking after, caring, and supporting others, and the children really love to do it!”

    Matthew, a member of the School Council at Ballykelly Primary school said:

    “We really wanted to give to Operation Christmas Child this year because we wanted to give people less fortunate than us more opportunities”

    Matthew holding an OCC teddy

    The Journey of a Shoebox

        • Download our Introduction Letter to Parents when you send home the How to Pack Leaflet, to tell parents all they need to know about the programme and why your school is getting involved.
      • Pat Sabin, former Headteacher at Firfield Primary School Derbyshire said this about the programme:

    “Operation Christmas Child added a tremendous dimension to or school ethos. The beauty of the whole campaign is that you can link it into almost every aspect of the Curriculum. Parents, prospective parents and Ofsted were very impressed by the community perspective that Operation Christmas Child embraced.”

    Students and Shoeboxes