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Medical Ministries



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What We Do

Common ailments often go undetected in many developing countries and quickly become a matter of life or death. Most face the real threat of never receiving life-giving treatment. Samaritan’s Purse provides doctors, nurses, medical equipment, and other aid while administering hope through the healing power of the Great Physician.

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With your support, those living with conditions such as heart defects, cleft lips and cataracts can receive life-changing surgery, and together we can show them how precious they are in the eyes of God.

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“What began as a very small, fledgling programme, God has brought to fruition time and time again. My hope is that the patients have an encounter with Jesus and remember the love they felt here.”

Karen Daniels, manager of the cleft surgical teams

How We Help


Cataract and Cleft Lip Surgeries

In many countries around the world, adults suffer from cataracts that actually cause blindness. Children with cleft lips are also abused and shunned by society. Samaritan’s Purse sends volunteer medical teams to perform both cataract and cleft lip and palate surgeries for patients of all ages, while sharing the Good News of Christ’s eternal triumph over darkness. 

Children's Heart Project

Through the Children’s Heart Project, Samaritan’s Purse arranges for surgery for children with congenital heart defects who live in countries such as Uganda, Mongolia, and Bolivia, where the required medical expertise and equipment for this type of surgery are not available.

children's heart project
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World Medical Mission

World Medical Mission is the medical arm of Samaritan’s Purse that enables doctors and other medical personnel such as doctors and dentists a unique opportunity to serve on short-term missions in the field. Missionary doctors are the lifeblood of overseas Christian hospitals, helping to fill critical staffing needs for medical facilities that typically operate with limited resources in remote corners of the world.

Support UK doctors on our Post-Residency Programme. 

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Samaritan’s Purse supplies surgical equipment, oxygen concentrators, X-ray systems, patient monitors, stethoscopes, ECG recorders, and other items to parts of the world where quality medical provisions are in short supply. Our technicians install the equipment and teach local staff how to use the machines. 

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Your gifts help us provide life-changing surgeries, medical equipment and health services to care for those suffering and improve the quality of life in developing regions.


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