Operation Christmas Child

Doing it Well: getting your shoebox into the hands of a child in need

Make your suggested donation online, and we will let you know the destination of your shoebox gift. This may be the region e.g. the Middle East, Central Asia, West Africa, or the country e.g. Ukraine, Moldova etc. depending on the location.

Steps to follow your shoebox

Step 1
Step 1

Donate £5

We suggest you make a donation of £5 per shoebox for project costs, including shipping. This enables a local church or group overseas to receive shoeboxes, project materials and training to lead a well-organised children’s event where your shoebox will be given to a child in need. £5 a box goes a long way! Learn more. After you complete your payment information, you will receive a barcode to download and print off enabling us to tell you which country or region your shoebox is delivered to.

Step 2
Step 1

Print the Barcode

Print off your barcode and place a copy inside each shoebox you pack.

Step 3
Step 1

Place barcode in Box

Place your barcode inside your shoebox on top of the contents and put an elastic band around the box. We will scan your barcode and email you in February, with a link to discover your shoebox destination(s).

Still have questions…

Questions about how to follow your box? Have a look at the Follow your Box FAQs:

Follow Your Box FAQS

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