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Give a Shoebox Gift

COLOURING WAS A SPECIAL TREAT FOR YARELIN, because her parents didn’t have money for crayons. When Yarelin opened her shoebox gift that was filled to the brim, she was overjoyed to see “many beautiful things” such as a cuddly toy and sunglasses. But what really caught her attention was the set of crayons. “God is very good,” Yarelin said. “I am grateful and happy to know that Jesus loves me. I will continue to come to church to learn more about Jesus.” Each shoebox gift opens doors for us to proclaim Christ’s love to boys and girls like Yarelin. Send a gift-filled shoebox packed with toys, hygiene items, school supplies and other fun items, to bless a child in need this Christmas. We collect the gift-filled shoeboxes and distribute them to children in over 100 countries in the Name of Jesus Christ, sharing Good News and great joy.

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