“Each morning we would have to rise at 5am to fetch water, returning home just before lunch time.”

- Amarech

“In my role supporting the Samaritan’s Purse clean water project in Ethiopia, I have visited Gibe and Gombora; two districts within this region where sadly only 10% of the community can access water that is safe to drink.

Most people collect water from natural sources, such as rivers, dams and ponds. As a result, outbreaks of diarrhoea and typhoid diseases are common within the community, with sadly over 75% of health problems in children stemming from drinking unsafe water.” Jonny Wilkinson Programme Development Officer, Ethiopia Country Office (read Jonny’s letter from Ethiopia).

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The Burden of Collecting Water Falls on Women And Girls

In Ethiopian culture the back-breaking work of collecting water falls mainly on women and girls, who often have to travel for over five hours to source water. These journeys can often be made alone and sometimes at night—exposing them to the risk of assault, and often causing young girls to miss schooling.

Imagine—for the lack of being able to turn on a tap, your children or grandchildren risk their future. Even if they survive diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, they face a daily cycle of collecting water into their old age.

In our village, children are also supposed to help their mothers with the water collection. Since the whole water collection process can take between five and six hours, it is common here for children to miss their classes at school.


Together we can break the cycle of endless labour and waterborne illness for young girls and families.

Together, we can provide improved access to clean and safe water for nearly 25,000 people; including 7,500 school children.

A gift today can ensure young girls are able to focus on schooling, rather than being trapped in a cycle of back-breaking labour collecting what is often dirty and unsafe water. It can improve their life chances safe in the knowledge that their families are protected from waterborne disease with easy access to all the clean water they need.

When wells are repaired, new filters are built, and local people are trained in how to maintain access to clean water, overall health improves and long back-breaking journeys to fetch what is often dirty water are no longer needed.

One young girl we have already supported told us that she felt so blessed by the love she and her family had been shown that she was determined to grow up to be a teacher, so she in turn could help others.

Ensure Young Girls Can
Focus on Schooling

See the Difference Your Gift Can Make

Clean Water

Samaritan’s Purse works with communities to install and rehabilitate hand-dug wells and boreholes. After a project is completed, we offer maintenance training to community members who will assume responsibility for upkeep.

Public Toilets

Properly built latrines greatly reduce the spread of waterborne disease and prevent diarrhea, one of the leading causes of death among children.


Health and hygiene education is one of the best ways to reduce illness. We conduct workshops that focus on personal hygiene, hand washing with soap, food preparation, household sanitation, and proper waste disposal, whilst sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

It costs less than £15 to provide a young girl like this with access to clean water for life!

Will you help to:

  • Rehabilitate nine water points
  • Construct 14 water pipe network expansions
  • Construct 15 gravity water schemes to create a clean and safe water supply
  • Build six school biosand water filters and establish school hygiene clubs
  • Train local water technicians and water user committees to maintain water points

‘Please do consider making a gift to provide access to clean water to those in desperate need. I will be here to see that it is put to good use.’ – Jonny Wilkinson Programme Development Officer, Ethiopia Country Office

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