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Every day, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are drinking the only water available to them, dirty, disease-ridden water.

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Clean Water Transforms lives!

This is the story of Mary who has lived in Borre Borre, a small village in a remote part of Mayom County, Unity State for four years. She has 10 children.

The land around Borre Borre is best described as barren and arid, it’s predominantly bush land.

In March 2015, Samaritan’s Purse installed a new hand pump well in the village giving clean, safe water to the locals. Mary recalls what life was like before the new well arrived, and how things have now completely changed.

“The water we used to drink was red in colour, so it was very sour when you tasted it and it was really, really bad. As time went by the water we fetched from the river was put down so the residue would settle first and then we would try and filter it later and then drink it.

“We experienced a lot of diarrhoea, skin diseases and eye infections. Those were the problems we were facing when we took the water from the river.

“Also, in the dry season when the river dried up, many of us would walk for hours to find water from a place very far away.”

Today life is much better for Mary and her family.

“We used to experience a lot of bad things but now they have stopped. The diarrhoea has stopped, and even the skin infections we used to get from the dirty water have gone since we started taking water from the well. We would spend a lot of time walking long distances for water; we would leave the children at home with no one taking care of them. Now they are really secure with clean water nearby. Now we are ok and we work to develop other things. Thank you!”

When we visited Mary in January this year she said a huge thank you to those who have provided clean water for her family and the village.

The inhabitants of three other villages close by also now benefit from the new well at Borre Borre.

Thank you for joining with us to bring clean, safe water to communities like Borre Borre.


Matthew 25:35 (NIV)