What Is The Greatest Journey

Each shoebox gift delivered by Operation Christmas Child is a tangible expression of God’s amazing love. But a shoebox gift is just the beginning. Many children who receive a shoebox will be invited by our church partners to learn more about Jesus through The Greatest Journey programme.

This programme consists of 12 fun-packed interactive lessons taught by locally trained teachers in their communities, that the children can enjoy taking part in with their friends. Each lesson includes a Bible story and fun activities for the children to do together as a class – it might include a game, a drama, a song, artwork or some puzzles. Each week the children also learn a memory verse and see if they can remember it when they come back to the next lesson. These lessons might take place at after school clubs or at the weekend. Sometimes they might meet in a Church or in a school, or in some countries they might meet outside under a nice big tree. But wherever they meet they always have lots of fun learning more about Jesus.

Being Game Changers Together



Children who complete the course will experience a special Graduation ceremony and each child is given a Certificate and a Bible in their own language. The children invite their families and friends and enjoy celebrating all they have learnt over the 12 weeks. In some countries they even dress up in special graduation cloaks and hats. The children love to receive their Certificate and Bible. For some of them it is the only Bible their family owns so it is very special.

Since the programme began in 2009, over 371,000 teachers have been trained and 5.1 million children have graduated. The lessons are taught in 109 countries in 70 languages, with plans to extend this further.

IMG_0691“The Greatest Journey was the first reading book I have had in my life. I love and treasure it so much. Through TGJ I have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and now I am a happy child, knowing that I have a Father in heaven and Jesus is my friend.” Mary (13 years old), Zambia


All training and provision of materials is provided to churches overseas free of charge. Samaritan’s Purse is able to train the teachers, provide all the study materials and a New Testament Bible in their own language for just £5 per child.

Donate £5 to provide
teacher training
and printed materials
Donate £60 to equip
a village to take part
in The Greatest Journey
Donate £5 a month
to enable a new child to
attend The Greatest Journey classes