Raising Families


Help break this vicious cycle.

North West Uganda

Samaritan’s Purse is partnering with the Church of Uganda to improve the quality of life for 9,600 families.


To achieve this, 480 Church Action Groups, one per participating church, will be established across the dioceses of Masindi-Kitara and West Lango.

Each Church Action Group will:


Be responsible for 20 vulnerable families. One Church Action Group member will care for, train and encourage one or two families.


Receive specific training in conservation farming to improve agricultural practices, as well as training in income generating activities, which will enhance and sustain families’ income levels, and their ability to provide for themselves.


Receive a Village Savings and Loans Kit to help generate, save and share income, thus helping vulnerable families to get back on their feet again.

Each Church Action Group member will then pass on this training to the vulnerable families in their community.

Our Solution

Local Church


Improved agricultural practices and income generating activities




Better crop yields will ensure enough food to eat as well as surplus to sell at the market, improving income levels.


A regular supply of nutritious food together with training in hygiene and sanitation will help to improve a family’s physical health, meaning parents are strong enough to work, and children are healthy enough to go to school.


Training in additional income generating activities will help provide money to feed the family, enable access to healthcare, provide education for the children, and improved shelter at home.


A family’s spiritual health will improve through prayer, discipleship and fellowship. This project will also build Church capacity in children’s ministry, helping to meet the spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children.


Families will also receive training in child protection and parenthood.

Global Impact of Raising Families

Samaritan’s Purse Raising Families programme is working in Swaziland, Rwanda, Uganda and Central Asia. Over 30,000 families have benefited through the programme in various ways including provision of nutritious food, access to healthcare, education, child protection, housing improvements and savings advice. Many families have also found fellowship and support through the local church.

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Samaritan’s Purse is looking to raise £200,000 in order to support 9,600 families. Any income raised in excess of this amount will be applied to existing or future Raising Families projects, at the discretion of Samaritan’s Purse.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."
(Matthew 25:35)