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Raising Families

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and put food on the table for families in North West Uganda.

Fundraising Ideas and Inspiration


Get active after Christmas

Run, jump, bike, swim off your excess after Christmas and raise money for families in Uganda at the same time.


Donate your Birthday

Give up receiving presents and donate your birthday to a good cause - ask for donations instead of gifts! As a next step, download a payment form to give money to our Raising Families programme.


Food for Uganda

Hold a simple 'soup and a roll' lunch or dinner. Ask your friends to pay to come. All the proceeds go to help families in Uganda. Or hold an equivalent Ugandan lunch - offer baked beans, rice or mashed potato and water.


Hold a coffee and cake morning or book sale

People love the opportunity to get together over coffee to chat or read. Give them a chance to do both and raise money for a great cause.


Feed the 5,000

If you are a bigger group why not agree to eat equivalent Ugandan food for the week – offer baked beans, rice or mashed potato and water. Put the money you would have spent on your normal weekly shop to help families in Uganda to eat regularly.


Use your gifts to bless others

How could you use your gifts, skills, talents, hobbies, sporting abilities, or anything you love to raise money? Do your friend's ironing, clean their house, wash their car or teach them how to use social media.


Fast for Food

Know what it’s like for Ugandan families who may not eat today. Forego some meals; ask others to sponsor you, and raise some money for families in Uganda.


Give a family a new start

Set yourself a New Year’s Resolution to give up something you love, even for a month, and put the money you would have spent towards helping a Ugandan family. Coffee, alcohol, chocolate? You can do it!

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Samaritan’s Purse is looking to raise £200,000 in order to support 9,600 families. Any income raised in excess of this amount will be applied to existing or future Raising Families projects, at the discretion of Samaritan’s Purse.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."
(Matthew 25:35)