Food Crisis
Raising Families

Food Crisis

Every day, 795 million people (1 in 9) around the world go to bed without adequate food.
World Food Programme - 2015

Food Crisis In Uganda

"Over 1.6 million people live in Masindi-Kitara and West Lango in North West Uganda. These are largely rural areas, but also areas of chronic poverty where families live off low incomes and poor livelihoods"

In North West Uganda:


In Northwest Uganda 90% of households (that’s 9 in every 10 families) don’t have a regular source of income and lack sufficient and nutritious food.
(Source: Samaritan’s Purse Baseline Research – North West Uganda 2015)


Ugandan households often spend what little they have on healthcare, leaving very little left over for other basic household needs such as food, education and housing. *


Maternal mortality is rising and undernourished women are producing underweight children with permanent physical and mental disabilities. *


Maximum brain development is stifled because of poor diet during the first three years of life from conception. *

* Source: Universal Health Coverage Assessment Uganda: Global Network for Health Equity
– December 2014 (GNHE)

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Samaritan’s Purse is looking to raise £200,000 in order to support 9,600 families. Any income raised in excess of this amount will be applied to existing or future Raising Families projects, at the discretion of Samaritan’s Purse.


Crisis Crisis Crisis

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."
(Matthew 25:35)