What Does Your Donation Cover?

Doing it well: getting your shoebox into the hands of a child in need.
A suggested donation of £5 for each shoebox you fill is essential for the project. It covers:



Thousands of amazing volunteers run shoebox collection centres and also encourage supporters to pack shoeboxes. We value our volunteers by training and resourcing them well and covering appropriate transport and premises expenses.



Local volunteer teams around the UK run around 8 processing centres to check, carton and prepare shoebox gifts for export. Many processing premises are offered free of charge or at discounted rates, but it’s right to pay other essential costs for safety equipment, heat, electricity and other services.


Shipping to 7 Countries

Thousands of UK shoebox gifts are transported by lorry to Eastern Europe or by ship to Africa and Central Asia. We often go further than other charities and the costs include customs clearance. In 2022, your donations enabled us to successfully export 252,022 shoeboxes to 7 countries from the UK.


Training Local Churches & Project Materials

Long before shoeboxes arrive, local volunteer teams train church and community leaders who want to share God’s love with children in need. Over 100 teams of volunteers equip more than 4,500 churches and groups using Ministry Partner Guides.

This 36-page resource helps partners lead safe, well-organised distributions and also outlines the story of Jesus in colourful pictures. Wherever they decide it’s appropriate, partners use these to tell the children about Jesus in a loving way that respects local culture. Where possible, children are also offered The Greatest Gift, an exciting Bible-story booklet written in their own language.
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If you give now at Follow Your Box, this will enable us to tell you which country your shoebox gift gets sent to. You can also give your suggested donation by cash or cheque inside your shoebox gifts.
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