Unsuitable or Inappropriate Shoebox Items

Every year, at processing centres around the UK, teams of trained seasonal volunteers check the contents of each shoebox before it is sent to a child in need. Their aim is to keep each shoebox exactly as it was packed, by you, our generous supporters, while checking each item against a number of important criteria, such as:

  • to make sure we comply with customs requirements of the countries we are sending to
  • to make sure we respect the cultural and religious contexts of the communities we are sending to
  • And to ensure that the items packed are in a clean and safe condition for the child who will receive them.

Occasionally, we might need to remove an item that doesn’t match one of these criteria.  (To see our list of items not to pack, visit: What Not To Pack)

Where possible, any items that need to be removed are donated to other charities.

Charities we’ve donated to

Over the years we have developed relationships with many UK-based charities and donated towards their work. Below are some we have supported, and the letters we received back from them.

In our most recent campaign, we were able to extend our donations further, including to local women’s aid and refuge charities, soup kitchens, YMCA, Salvation Army, and Nunsthorpe Maternity Hospital.

Testimonial Letters

‘… We are sure that many parents will find these a great help, and of course the children will be delighted…’

‘Thank you so much for the food parcel, it’s really kind of you’ – Carolyn, through DAVSS










‘Your shoebox appeal touched my heart when I called at the warehouse…’

If you are aware of any charities which you feel may benefit from this do please let us know at occ@samaritans-purse.org.uk.