The world needs more GOOD SAMARITANS like you

Thank you for taking the first step in being a Good Samaritan by packing a shoebox with presents for a child living in poverty.

For many children this is the first gift they will have ever received, and the first time they will hear about God’s everlasting love for them.

But, if you want to continue the journey of being a Good Samaritan, you can do so much more...

Greatest Journey

Help a child take The Greatest Journey

You can support The Greatest Journey Bible discovery course, run in thousands of local churches overseas. This course helps children to engage with the Bible, to discover who Jesus is and gives them opportunities to start their own faith journeys.

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Be there for a child at a time of disaster

You can perform many acts of kindness every day when you give to our Disaster and Emergency initiatives that help children and families who have lost everything in times of war or natural disasters. In 2018 alone Samaritan’s Purse helped 2.2 million people with emergency aid across Africa, Asia and South America.

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Give £10 today to help a child in need


Give clean water to a child

Also, you can enable children and families in poor communities to access clean water and sanitation by supporting our Water projects. In 2018 Samaritan’s Purse reached 446,900 people with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programmes. 695 fresh water wells were constructed and 1,330 household water filters were installed.

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Provide a child with a happy home

Families engaged in subsistence farming often live in chronic poverty and malnutrition. Others have seen their livelihoods wiped out by drought, disaster, or war. Through our Animals, Agriculture, and Livelihoods projects, you can help provide impoverished farmers, herders, and fishermen around the world with the resources and training they need, so they can earn a modest income to feed their families, educate their children and ensure they have access to good healthcare.

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