Shoebox Online Frequently Asked Questions

Will you really make up and send out my online shoebox?

We really will make up and send out each shoebox created online. Each gift you choose online will have a corresponding gift packed inside an actual shoebox. On some occasions we may have to substitute one gift for another similar gift if stocks run out.

Will you add anything else to my shoebox or take anything out of it?

We may need to add further gifts to your shoebox in the unlikely event that your shoebox ends up being too empty. But otherwise, what you select online is what we put into your shoebox.

How have you worked out the prices of the gifts?

Each gift price is better than average high street or online prices and we buy all of our gifts in bulk in order to achieve this. When sourcing these items, it is important to us that they are good quality gifts the children will love. Your Shoebox Online donation also includes a project donation to cover the cost of shipping your shoebox gifts and providing training and project materials for local churches overseas to run the Operation Christmas Child outreach events where children receive shoebox gifts. Any surplus funds from your Shoebox Online donation goes toward covering the cost of purchasing shoeboxes, running Shoebox Online and towards the work of Samaritan’s Purse with children and families around the world.

Where will the actual shoeboxes be created?

We have a warehouse where our dedicated staff team will be preparing your shoeboxes. They will assemble the shoeboxes, fill them with your gifts and messages, and prepare them to be shipped overseas.

When will the child receive my shoebox?

This year many of our online shoeboxes will arrive in time for Christmas. However, because it will take time to purchase the gifts, assemble and pack each shoebox and prepare them for shipment, some online shoeboxes will not arrive in time for Christmas, especially those packed later or travelling further afield e.g. Africa. However, each shoebox will end up in the hands of a child in need in the next few months – and they really won’t mind receiving it after Christmas.

Can you tell me where my shoebox will go?

We do not currently have the ‘Follow Your Box’ function for Shoebox Online gifts, but you will receive an email letting you know which countries our 2023 Shoebox Online gifts were sent to (e.g. Middle East, Centra Asia, etc.).

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The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to show God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Since 1990, more than 209 million children in over 170 countries have experienced God's love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child.

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