Your Gift Could Change a Child’s Life

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It could be your gift that changes a child’s story, just as one changed Rebeca’s years ago, in her Romanian home town of Alexandra.

Whether you’d like to choose and send your own gifts online, have fun trawling the shops to find the perfect items, or organise something a little bigger like a group packing event, you’ll find all you need to know on our website.

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Last year 511,200 shoeboxes were lovingly packed by groups and individuals all over the UK. This year many other boys and girls need a lifeline like Rebeca’s. The gift of a shoebox to a child in need does more than put a smile on their face; it can be the first step towards changing their life. Thanks to established partnerships in recipient countries, shoeboxes given through Operation Christmas Child are able to find those who need them most even in the hardest to reach areas, from Eastern Europe, to Africa, and the Middle East.

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