Operation Christmas Child

Preprinted Shoeboxes

Our preprinted shoeboxes are a great packing option. Available in packs of 5, 24, 50 or 100, these colourful, flat-packed shoeboxes are perfect for sharing with your church, group, friends, or family to get your Operation Christmas Child season started.

You can find guidance on folding your preprinted shoeboxes here.

We love getting preprinted shoeboxes into the hands of our supporters to pack with love and bless children in need. We make these available at the cheapest possible price but due to global increases in the cost of cardboard, international shipping and deliveries in the UK, this year we need to moderately increase both the price of the packs and of P&P. We appreciate your continued support in these challenging times economically for everyone.

preprinted shoebox pack of 5

Preprinted Shoeboxes - Family and Friends Pack (5 Shoeboxes)

5 Shoeboxes, 5 delighted children!
Enjoy packing several shoeboxes as a family and then share the fun by passing on any spares to friends or colleagues, so they can pack one too. Together you can bring Good News and great joy to another family or friendship group across the world.

(£2.50 + £8 Postage and Packaging)

Preprinted shoeboxes

Preprinted Shoeboxes (24 Per Pack)

When you purchase and pack 24 shoeboxes, you’ll be blessing a whole classroom full of children!

(£12.60 + £13.40 Postage and Packaging)


Preprinted shoeboxes (50 per pack)

Our medium sized pack is a great way to get started packing shoebox gifts with your church or group. Fill them with love and bless 50 children this year!

(£23.60 + £13.40 Postage and Packaging)


Preprinted shoeboxes (100 per pack)

Perfect for churches and large groups, these 100 shoeboxes packed with love and fuelled by prayer will impact the lives of 100 precious children!

(£45.60 + £13.40 Postage and Packaging)

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