A New Way To Pack Shoebox Gifts Online Together

Shoebox Online is a quick, fun and easy way to share God’s love by sending gift-filled shoeboxes to children in need around the world.

It’s now easier than ever to share Operation Christmas Child with your friends, family, church or group! Our new custom goal pages allow you to set an online shoebox target, pack together online and watch as your goal tracker grows and represents more children blessed with a wide smile and a sense of hope this season.

Creating Your Group Page:

Creating your Group Goal page is easy with our customisable template. Simply choose a group name, how many shoeboxes you would like to pack and when you would like to pack them by. You can also add a photo and a message to your group. After a few minutes we’ll send you an email to verify your page and then a customised link to circulate to your group. Each time someone packs through your link, their shoebox will be added to your group’s total.


Example Goal Page

We’ll keep you updated as people add shoeboxes to your group total and send you a reminder a week before your goal date. Your group members will also be able to share their donation to your page on social media and you’ll receive a celebratory email to share with your group when you reach your shoebox goal.

New goal pages

Create a Goal Page

Packing a Shoebox Gift Online is Simple:

Step 1

Choose whether to pack for a boy or girl and which age group.

Step 2

Select the gifts you would like to send.

Step 3

Personalise your gift with a note and photo.

Step 4

Pay for your shoebox gift. Then we’ll pack and send it for you!

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Send Shoebox Joy This Season

Your Shoeboxes Make Such A Difference!

A child in Montserrado, Liberia, was excluded from school one day because his parents couldn’t afford a scientific calculator. When shoeboxes were distributed in their town, he received a gift with a brand new scientific calculator. He had been praying for this for months. When he saw it, he was so glad and thanked his friends for inviting him to the outreach event. He was so happy. He kept saying to his friends: “truly God answers prayers”. -Local Ministry Partner in Liberia

At an orphanage and special needs school in Moldova, these two sweet girls (pictured below) were delighted to be part of an outreach event that received Shoebox Online gifts. Together the children sang and danced joyfully as they heard about God’s love for them and received shoebox gifts packed in the UK. One little girl with special needs absolutely loved showing off her new watch and could not believe it was just for her! A team member helped her to set the time and she proudly went round showing everyone her new prized possession.

Thank you for your interest in packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes online. Together we can send Good News and great joy to the world’s children!

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