A shoebox gift creates an opportunity to share the Gospel

Thank you for considering blessing a child through Operation Christmas Child this year.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the lives of children and families have been turned upside down and the need is greater than ever before. Children are scared, and their families are afraid. Boys and girls around the world desperately need to know that God loves them and has not forgotten them.

We’re seeing new opportunities arise during this crisis, and we want to bring gifts of hope to as many children as possible all over the world—introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Will you join us and put a smile on a child’s face and give them the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus?

There are two ways you can pack a shoebox this year and open doors for the Gospel:

1. Traditional packing – Despite the current circumstances it’s still easy for your Church to pack shoeboxes  in the traditional way individually or in small groups  and take them to a nearby socially distant, reduced handling drop-off location.

Order your Church/Group kit today and be part of changing precious young lives this shoebox season:

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2. Shoebox Online – If physically packing boxes is tricky for your congregation this year, Shoebox Online makes it easy for everyone to get involved from home. Simply select your gifts online and we’ll pack and send them for you.

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Barbara Dobson’s church remains closed making their usual way of packing challenging. They were delighted to discover Shoebox Online. She shares her experience:


A simple shoebox can have an eternal impact…

Your shoebox gift would put big smile on a child’s face but it could also open the door for God’s message.

8 year-old Athena received a shoebox gift in an impoverished area of the Philippines and said, ‘Everything was beautiful and I was so happy. What I liked most in the box was the doll. I am so grateful that they gave me a box.’ Her family expressed their gratitude and explained that through the shoebox they had decided to attend a local church and many of them had gone on to make commitments follow Christ.

After receiving her shoebox gift. Athena was given the opportunity to learn more about Jesus through The Greatest Journey discipleship programme. This child friendly course consists of twelve fun and interactive Bible lessons, where children get the opportunity to discover who Jesus is and how to begin their own journey of faith.

Shoebox gifts have led to the Gospel being shared with over 20 million children

Since 2009, 1.1 million volunteer teachers have been trained from local churches worldwide and 23.3 million boys and girls have enrolled in the programme. At the end of the twelve sessions children experience a fun graduation ceremony where they receive a certificate and a New Testament Bible in their own language. As the boys and girls share their faith with family and friends, communities are transformed and the influence of a simple shoebox gift multiplies. As a result, 1,000 churches have been started around the world in the last year in part through Operation Christmas Child.


Save The Date

National Collection Week: 9-16 November, 2020

This year drop-off locations across the UK will open to receive shoeboxes during the second week in November.

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COVID-19 Update:

The safety and health of children receiving Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, our volunteers, staff, and our ministry partners is of utmost importance to us. Our UK team are monitoring the government guidelines and modifying our processes accordingly, while globally we are also working with our international volunteer leadership teams in over 100 countries to assess ministry activity and make the necessary modifications. Learn more


Thank you once again for considering partnering with us to bring Good News and great joy to the world’s children!

Your shoebox gift with Operation Christmas Child:

Inspires Joy
You'll be giving unimaginable excitement and hope to children in need around the world.

Reaches further
Partnering with Operation Christmas Child ensures shoeboxes get to hard-to-reach groups.

Shares God’s Love
Your shoebox will reach a child in need through one of over 75,000 local churches sharing the Good News of life and hope in Jesus in a child-friendly way.

Is Specially delivered
You can rest easy knowing your shoebox gift will be delivered through church and community leaders who've been trained to prioritise safety and lead well-organised celebrations.