Lighthouse Churches

A Lighthouse Church is one that partners with Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s, Disaster Assistance Response Programme. It is the local church that is best placed to help their neighbours when tragedy happens, and In the event of a disaster Samaritans Purse can assist your church to support your community during their time of need.


Samaritans Purse has experience of dealing with disaster and emergency situations and has built relationships with your local authorities who work together within the Local Resilience Forum. We supply the structure, organisation and equipment to enable a safe and effective response in partnership with the other organisations involved, all working under authority and to an agreed emergency plan.

What is involved in becoming a Lighthouse church?

  • To inform us of situations that may need potential Disaster Response.
  • To work with us during a disaster response deployment by helping with volunteer support, local information and guidance.
  • After the response there will be opportunity to engage with people who need practical, emotional and spiritual support.
  • Help increase awareness about the disaster response work of Samaritans Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association within the congregation.
  • To pray with us during disaster responses, even if they do not directly affect the area.

If you have other facilities such as office, kitchen or even areas to accommodate staff and volunteers, this would be appreciated.

In order to best respond to disasters in the UK, we need to build up a network of Lighthouse Churches that will enable us to rapidly connect locally when a situation develops. We appreciate your heart to serve others in your community in the Name of Jesus Christ and if you would like to register your interest please contact or fill in the form below:

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