Ukraine Winter Appeal – The Warm Project

Resilience and warmth for Ukrainians this winter.

Winter is cold in much of Ukraine and, after eight months of fighting, many people are in extremely vulnerable positions and about to face the below-freezing temperatures heading their way.

Millions are living in badly damaged houses without power or running water, as they deal with shortages of food, fears for their safety, and endless grief.

Every week, Samaritan’s Purse delivers some 75 lorry loads of food into Ukraine, and we work with more than 2,000 local churches to deliver it to those in need. We thank God that we have been able to help over 7 million Ukrainians with food, medical care, drinking water and other emergency needs since the conflict began. Thank you for praying and for giving to make this possible.

Sacha and Luba’s house was destroyed by heavy bombing in their neighbourhood; working with a local building firm, we provided them with a new roof, windows and patched up their walls. “I am so grateful we both made it through, I prayed to God as he is all I have left.” Luba said.

Samaritan’s Purse is initiating ‘The Warm Project’, providing shelter kits to help people survive the winter. 5,000 vulnerable families living in the red zone have been identified. They need our help.

Project Outline

Working with nine Christian partners, we plan to distribute shelter kits to 5,000 rural homes that have been overcome by destruction as a result of the conflict.

The cost of a kit includes:

    • Heavy Duty Tarpaulin – to patch up roofs
    • Wooden roofing sheets
    • Wooden roof battens
    • Tool kits – allowing recipients to fix homes themselves.
    • Wood Burning Stoves – supporting the local economy, Samaritan’s Purse have commissioned stoves to be made in Ukraine, especially for the project.
    • 4 cubic metres of firewood – wood is too dangerous for people to source themselves due to the landmines so it has become a valuable commodity.
    • Rental of 20 tonne lorries to deliver the kits.
    • Skilled tradesman to install the stoves correctly – crucial to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.