Give Protection, Provision and Prayer

29-05-2020 Update: We have already received requests for support from over 500 projects across the country who, together, are aiming to support over 450,000 people.

We are doing all we can to supply them with vital PPE (gloves, masks and sanitiser) to continue to feed the homeless, care for vulnerable children, run food banks, support staff in care homes, befriend and provide care packages for those with mental health issues and so much more. We have exhausted all of our supplies of PPE and desperately need funds to source more. Your gift will mean more people are protected as they serve their community.


THIS IS LOVE – PROTECTION: Covid-19 Appeal. Samaritan’s Purse are launching a new ‘This is Love’ initiative. We are leveraging our disaster relief supply chain to equip the good work of UK churches and charities as they strive to meet the practical needs of the most disadvantaged in their communities, under the ever-present risk of the coronavirus.

They have been standing in the gap for years, but now these essential services are more important than ever. Food banks, supporting refugees, sheltering the homeless, and caring for the elderly are key to ensuring the marginalised in society are not forgotten. But these and many other vital but overlooked services are at risk.

People and projects desperately need the equipment to carry on. Vital face masks, gloves, and sanitiser would allow them to have a measure of safety as they care for their communities.  We are hearing that people are tired, scared and sometimes feel forgotten, but they don’t have to be.

Our church runs the local food bank. Whilst it has been running for a number of years, we have seen demand increase dramatically during this period at the same time as donations of food have decreased significantly due to restrictions. We simply do not have the budget to purchase essential PPE supplies for volunteers who are gathering at the church to prepare food parcels, coming into contact with all who are using the service.

Please help to give key workers face masks, gloves and sanitiser

Many local projects aren’t able to find vital PPE anywhere, and if they do it’s at exorbitant prices and the quality can be undetermined. They are having to risk their lives and those of the vulnerable they serve due to a lack of protection. That’s where you can make all the difference. Please help us supply them with all the protection they need.

A Samaritan’s Purse Community Care PPE Kit packed and ready to go to a project caring for those most in need in the UK

Your gift will help us to source more vital PPE through our proven supply chain that’s been in place for years as we’ve responded to disasters around the world. We’ve already stepped out in faith and spent every penny we have sourcing PPE. Will you you help us to secure more?

  • £22.40 could supply 50 FFP1 masks
  • £44.80 could supply 100 latex gloves
  • £285 could supply an entire Community Care PPE Kit (including FFP1 disposable face masks, FFP2 disposable masks, disposable nitrile and latex gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitiser.)

This is Love – Protection

We have secured vital PPE supplies for the UK. Please help us to supply more

Samaritan’s Purse UK is allocating every penny we can to support those with a desire to serve across the UK. Utilising our international supply chain, we are sourcing all we can:

FFP1 masks:   96,000 pcs.
FFP2 masks:   48,000 pcs.
Latex Gloves:   60,000 pcs.
Nitrile Gloves:   60,000 pcs.
Sanitiser:   2,100 lt

You can ensure those caring for the UK’s poor and vulnerable are given the protection they need to carry on.

Here are just three of the requests for support we’ve received from Good Samaritans 

  • We need PPE for our staff as we provide 24 hour supported accommodation in registered care homes; we literally can’t carry on without it.
  • Support would make all the difference as we help to give food, groceries, and share the love of Christ to asylum seekers, single elderly people from minority communities, international students stuck in hostels, low-income families and parents of children with autism.
  • Masks and gloves would lower the risk as we work with the homeless in our city every week, as we provide up to 70 warm meals a night.


Will you ensure a Good Samaritan is protected as they minister to a UK in need? For this is Love



Let’s make a difference. When we stand together, we are stronger.

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You can add a message of encouragement and prayer for those receiving and using the PPE equipment. This will be added to one of the boxes of supplies that we send out.

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