The Big Shoebox Challenge

100,000 gifts for children in need!

We have a bold target – to reach an extra 100,000 children who are waiting to hear the Gospel, maybe for the first time. And we need you!

For a limited time only we are running a gift-filled shoebox offer—pack 2, send 3!

Thanks to generous matched funding, we are running a ‘Generosity Booster’ where, for every two shoebox gifts you donate online, we will send a third gift at no additional cost to you.

Pack Two Shoeboxes

Send a Shoebox Gift

Every single shoebox gift represents one child who is waiting to hear the Good News.

This week, why not choose to bless two more children in need with Good News and great joy, and allow us to bless a third, on your behalf?

Follow the challenge on our website and see how your gifts are helping reach the exciting goal of 100,000 more children receiving Good News and great joy.

Share with friends and family too, and watch that total grow! Just copy the link below:

Did you know that for every four shoeboxes you send, we see one child make a decision for Christ? That means around 25,000 children’s lives could be changed forever if we achieve our goal.

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

The Big Shoebox Challenge

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