"Everything is expensive here, except for human life. Let’s change that..."

- Project leader: Launching new apprentice scheme in war-torn Syria.

After ten years of conflict, with precious human life expended in fighting, life in parts of Syria is almost impossible.

With day labourers earning less than 4,000 Syrian pounds (£2.30) a day it is estimated that they would need to work for 64 days to earn enough to support themselves for just one month.

Samaritan’s Purse project staff who previously worked in neighbouring countries tell us how shocked they were to find out just how little people in Syria are struggling to get by on.

Now at the request of these staff based in Syria, we have the opportunity to change this, allowing families to take care of their children and offer them the prospect of a better life.

Would you consider supporting an apprentice in war-torn Syria? Just £3.62 would fund their place for a day. At the end of the apprenticeship they’ll also receive a practical a gift such as a tool kit or sewing machine to help them in their chosen trade.

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The Sad Fate Of Homelessness And Begging On The Street Awaits Many.

With families ripped apart by war, many breadwinners have either been killed in fighting, or have fled to escape conscription or seek work elsewhere to fund their families. Additionally, an estimated 120,000 internally displaced people are living in the area we are working in.

All of this has led to a growing number of female-led households struggling to make ends meet.

To make matters worse, an 18-month drought and foreign manipulation of water access has led to crop failures and the destruction of the agricultural industry, leading to food scarcity and malnourishment.

As the local economy enters a death spiral, prices continue to rise. The local currency has lost buying power twice over in the last nine months alone, so that even a loaf of bread has tripled in price. Families, many of whom are internal refugees, are increasingly unable to keep a roof over their heads.

If nothing is done, a tipping point will be reached. Families will be forced onto the streets, local infrastructure will continue to degrade and malnutrition and sickness from unclean water will take hold.

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People Tell Us That All They Want Is A Chance To Support Their Families. Together We Can Provide One.

Despite years of fear and trauma, it’s humbling to see how keen people are to work and provide for themselves, but, even for those with university degrees, no opportunities are available.

Our staff, who are currently running a medical clinic in Syria, are about to launch a scheme in order to provide opportunities for some of the most vulnerable people to work their way out of impending poverty and homelessness.

They have asked us all to help make this possible.

You can read extracts of their project proposal for yourself, and see one of the applications for an apprenticeship they have received. We’ve had to redact some parts of these due to the sensitive nature of the region.


So How Can You Make A Difference?

Fund an apprenticeship for someone like Fariha.*

Fariha’s husband has liver disease, and one of her four daughters suffers from a severe blood disease, so she has to shoulder the responsibility of breadwinner for her family. They have no income and are receiving medication from a Samaritan’s Purse clinic, but this isn’t a long-term solution. If given an apprenticeship she will be able to learn pastry chef skills and eventually to provide food, shelter and medication for her family. This opportunity could secure their future for years to come.

Fund An Apprenticeship

  • Samaritan’s Purse will accept 75 apprentices who will be provided with an initial stipend of $5/day (£3.62) for six months of work (22 days per month). A total cost per apprentice of £478.


The apprentices, all currently unemployed, will be matched with businesses we are also supporting with grants, according to their skills and experience. They will receive on-the-job coaching from the business, and basic soft skills and business management training, including budget writing and calculating revenue to allow them to go on to run businesses of their own, thereby creating a positive cycle, and multiplying results.


  • At the end of the programme, a start-up kit, e.g. a set of construction tools or a sewing machine, will be provided to the apprentices graduating from the programme.


This start-up kit will equip the apprentices to start their own business after the programme is concluded.

Please consider supporting an apprentice in war-torn Syria.

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P.S In Syria after years of fighting, people are facing the prospect of destitution due to a lack of opportunities. Through apprenticeships we can offer them a lifeline to support their families, ensuring children aren’t forced on to the streets to beg for food in desperation.