Our Projects

Through our water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, we are identifying the places where clean water is desperately needed and where we could work alongside local partners – both churches and charities – who share our passion.

Since that time, we have been able to provide hundreds of thousands of people with access to clean water and sanitation across Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, Niger, Swaziland, Kenya and Uganda. Another million people have been given access to clean water and sanitation through other Samaritan’s Purse projects managed and run through our offices in Canada, USA and Australia.

This has been achieved through the efforts of friends like you in the UK and around the world who share our passion to end water poverty, who have become advocates for us with your families and friends, and in your churches, schools and workplaces, and who have helped us raise funds through our Turn on the Tap campaign.

Below is a short list of our active projects:

Clean Water for Karamoja
Country: Uganda

Karamoja WASHImproving access to clean water in Karamoja, Northern Uganda – we will be building or repairing 120 wells, providing clean water for 48,000 people. It is expected that water will flow in first quarter of 2016.





“Water for Well-Being”
Country: Niger

wash NigerImproving the overall health of the 20,000 people (2,858 families) in the Commune of Karofane through the provision of safe clean water.

26,880 people (3,840 families) will also receive comprehensive health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition education.



Ikutha Water Project
Country: Kenya


Reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases by improving access to clean, potable water and promoting good hygiene and sanitation practices for 11,000 families through building 2 deep boreholes and 30 shallow wells.

“Water Worth Celebrating”: Read a story about solar-powered water provision in Kenya ▶




Healthy Communities
Country: Swaziland

Haiti Projects

Improving the health and hygiene of 32,256 people through construction of 5 deep boreholes, capping and protection of 15 natural springs, and comprehensive hygiene education campaigns across 40 primary schools.




Safer Slums Project
Country: Uganda


Improving the health of 850 families and income opportunities for a further 500 families living in the squalid slum communities of Kampala. 20 local churches will be mobilized to support their communities with healthy initiatives such as recycling, rubbish-collection, drainage-clearance and environmental protection which will have a combined impact on a total of 10,900 slum dwellers.






Clean Water Project
Country: Uganda

South Sudan Well Drilling and WASH

Improving the health and hygiene of 2,400 families in Gulu District through installation of 600 biosand water filters, repair of 20 hand pumps and construction of 20 rainwater harvest tanks.



Water for Life Project
Country: Liberia


Improving the health and hygiene of 1,500 families in Lofa County through mobilising churches to repair hand pumps and construct latrines within 25 communities.




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