Jeanne's Story

Jeanne is a single parent living in Rwanda. She is the sole provider for her two children, six of her siblings and four of their children – 13 people in all. At 42, she is already a widow, she has lost both of her parents and she knows what desperation is. How do you provide for 13 people with no source of income?

For Jeanne’s family, the love and care extended to them by the local church in their time of need was the demonstration of God’s love that they needed at just the right time. They encouraged Jeanne to join their savings group, loaning her enough money to start a small shop. From small beginnings she is now able to feed all 13 family members, send all of the children to school and she has taken out health insurance to provide for their medical needs. Jeanne and her family have also committed their lives to Christ and joined the local Church.

Will you help another poor family like Jeanne today?

You can lift a family from poverty through Raising Families by giving £10 month to Samaritan’s Purse.

What your monthly gift can make possible:

  • You can ensure that a grandparent, a parent or even a child responsible for younger siblings can make the most of local resources and skills for providing for their families.
  • You can help envision and equip a local church to be a catalyst for the physical and spiritual transformation of poor families in their community.
  • What’s more, you can enable a poor family like Julianne’s to experience the fullness of life that Jesus offers.