Evas [bottom right] prays with her family
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Raising Families Story of the Month: Uganda


“I’m very positive about life. My hope and faith is in Jesus Christ. I will continue to trust in Him for my life and that of my family.” – Evas Bakainama

Evas is 56 years old, she is a widow living in Kihagani Village. She had no means of making a living and struggled to meet the basic needs of her family. They lived in a dilapidated shelter, not fit for human living. Evas’ children were forced to drop out of school as she could not afford the fees or uniforms. Evas became sick with Tuberculosis and Malaria and became very weak. The family began living at the mercy of well-wishers for handouts.

I was unable to walk or engage in any domestic work. Being a widow left without any livelihood, made my life very hard.Evas said.


In this community Raising Families partners with the Anglican Church of Uganda, training and equipping local churches to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel, to care for vulnerable families in their communities. Evas local church formed a Church Action Group to identify who in their community was in the greatest need.

One day during the groups outreach, the leader of the group reached Evas’ home and found her bedridden. At this point Evas had tested HIV positive and was losing hope in life. The Church Action Group regularly visited Evas and enabled her to visit a health centre for the treatment she desperately needed.

They provided transport to the health centre, spiritual counselling, food and other items to support this family. Through this support, Evas became healthy and strong. The church encouraged her to learn skills she could use to help her generate food and income for her family.

She started working in the fields for income, enabling her to get food for her family and to send her children to school. Later she started investing in poultry. She is now able to sell the birds at market to pay for her medical treatments.

“I’m now respected in this community” Evas said. “I thank God for the Church for introducing me to this programme. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal saviour. I’m now an active member of the Church. I was even elected the Treasurer!”


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