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Raising Families Story of the Month: Uganda


When the Church Action Group from the local parish in Ogobi village arrived at the house of Mr Levison, he was very ill and bed ridden. This father of 10 has lived a tough life. A peasant farmer in a remote village, he could barely afford to feed his children, none of them had gone to school. As Levison’s life began to unravel, he pushed away his family and his responsibilities and resorted to begging on the streets to gather enough money to buy alcohol.

“I lived a wasted life, spent most of my time drinking, never cared about my health and family. At times when drunk I would sleep out of home, by the roadside and at times in the bush leaving my life at the mercies of drivers and wild animals.”

This family was in dire need. The Church Action Group trained by Samaritan’s Purse, named ‘Obanga Olara’ (literally meaning ‘God has saved me’), immediately worked to start meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Levison and his family. They took Levison to a Health Center where he was immediately put on Anti-Retroviral Treatment and received rehabilitation and counselling. During his recovery the Church Action Group supported the family with food and sanitation materials. They prayed with the family and shared the gospel with Levison. He was overwhelmed with the care and support he received from the Church, and this led him to surrender his life to Jesus as his personal Saviour.

“I feel restored and strengthened in this new spiritual walk of life. I depend on Christ as my shield. I continue to praise God for saving my poor soul and giving me hope to live again!”

Levison with a bicycle he is repairing

Levison with a bicycle he is repairing

The Church Action Group encouraged Levison to consider how he could use the skills and resources God had blessed him with to improve his livelihood. He remembered when he was younger that he had learnt how to repair bicycles. He embraced the idea, took out a small loan from the Church Action Group, bought some tools and set up a local bike repair shop. Today his business is growing and he now earns enough to support his family and send his youngest daughter to school.

“My life is renewed, I feel so happy and loved by Christ, the church, people around me and I pray to God to continue blessing the Church Action Group members for the wonderful work they do.”



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