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Raising Families Story of the Month: Rwanda


David lives in Kiraga, Rwanda with his wife and two children. Raising Families has had a huge impact on his life “I praise the Lord for this programme, before it came to our Church I was in a terrible situation.”

David constantly struggled to feed his family, he took what little work he could find which brought him very little income. “It was so hard to eat properly with a small amount of money,” he said.

Samaritan’s Purse began working with David’s church equipping them through spiritual and practical teaching to reach out to 20 of the most vulnerable families, supporting and encouraging them to recognise what God has already blessed them with and how they could use it to transform their lives. The Church Action Group saw the need of David and his family and were moved to help him.

“In our group we learnt the values of being a good Christian,” David said. “I found I was living the wrong way and took a decision to follow Jesus Christ. In our group we were taught about saving money together, and about giving loans to those in real need.”

With his first loan, David purchased a goat to supply the family with milk. He bought a bicycle and started his own transport business. This greatly increased his income which financed his wife to start a business of her own.

“We eat more than twice a day, we are able to make improvements to our home. We have hope for our future. Praise the Lord!”



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