Operation Christmas Child Online Project Leader Workshop 2022

Premiering Saturday 10 September 10:30am

A special online workshop to equip Project Leaders with resources, key updates and tips about how to effectively share Operation Christmas Child with their church, school or group this year and in turn bring joy to millions of precious children through gift-filled shoeboxes.

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Your shoebox gift with Operation Christmas Child:

Inspires Joy
You'll be giving unimaginable excitement and hope to children in need around the world.

Reaches further
Partnering with Operation Christmas Child ensures shoeboxes get to hard-to-reach groups.

Shares God’s Love
Your shoebox will reach a child in need through one of over 75,000 local churches sharing the Good News of life and hope in Jesus in a child-friendly way.

Is Specially delivered
You can rest easy knowing your shoebox gift will be delivered through church and community leaders who've been trained to prioritise safety and lead well-organised celebrations.