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Take a look at the priceless reactions as these sweet children in Liberia enjoy opening their shoebox gifts together.  

Will you send Good News and great joy to many more children in need, who have yet to receive a shoebox gift?

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National Collection Week: 15-22 November 2021

This year drop-off locations across the UK will open to receive shoeboxes during the third week in November.

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Three more joyful moments created by shoeboxes packed last year:


Unique was born in Nigeria and recently moved to Gambia with his father. His mother and younger sibling were hoping to follow but unfortunately the family were kept apart by travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Five-year-old Unique was delighted to receive a shoebox gift at an Operation Christmas Child outreach event and to hear of God’s love for him. He was also thrilled to discover a football inside his shoebox gift! He soon began making friends over a game of football and was keen to share God’s love with the other children he met.

Unique holding his shoebox


Twelve-year-old Ishmaeli was so surprised to find a new backpack in his shoebox gift, that he danced with joy! Ishmaeli was also overjoyed to learn of God’s love for him. Before the shoebox outreach event, he did not attend school regularly. But now he has decided to follow Jesus, attend The Greatest Journey programme, and even go back to school! Ishmaeli’s story is a great reminder of the Good News and great joy each shoebox can bring.


Footballs and Coconuts

A group of children in Tanzania had been collecting coconut shells for over two months to sell at the market, with the aim of making enough money to buy a single football for the village. To their great surprise many local children were invited to an Operation Christmas Child event and more than a dozen boys and girls received footballs and pumps in their shoebox gifts! The children were delighted and now the coconut shells can be sold to provide other essential items.

Together we can bring joy to many more children in need who have yet to receive a shoebox gift!

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Prioritising Safety

Operation Christmas Child is continuing to monitor COVID-19 guidelines both here in the UK and working with our international volunteer leadership teams in over 100 countries to assess ministry activity and make the necessary modifications.

Your shoebox gift with Operation Christmas Child:

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You'll be giving unimaginable excitement and hope to children in need around the world.

Reaches further
Partnering with Operation Christmas Child ensures shoeboxes get to hard-to-reach groups.

Shares God’s Love
Your shoebox will reach a child in need through one of over 75,000 local churches sharing the Good News of life and hope in Jesus in a child-friendly way.

Is Specially delivered
You can rest easy knowing your shoebox gift will be delivered through church and community leaders who've been trained to prioritise safety and lead well-organised celebrations.