What is #ipackshoeboxes?

#ipackshoeboxes is a fun way to share your love of packing shoeboxes and the ministry of Operation Christmas Child with your friends through social media. The majority of our supporters started packing shoeboxes because someone they knew told them about the campaign. By sharing a photo of yourself and your shoebox, you can give your friends a personal connection with Operation Christmas Child… and if more people join in, more children get to experience the joy of receiving a shoebox gift and have the opportunity to hear about God’s amazing love for them.

How can I get involved with #ipackshoeboxes?


  1. Take a photo of yourself or your group with your shoebox(es)
  2. Post the photo on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account (saying why you love packing shoeboxes, what you pack, or who you pack with) and include the hashtag #ipackshoeboxes 

Top Tip: For Facebook choose ‘public’ when posting and tag @occuk if you would like us to see it.  


More ways to share the fun on social 

Download our #ipackshoeboxes cover photo for your Facebook profile:

Facebook Cover picture of girl with shoebox and toy lamb


Join in the fun and help share Operation Christmas Child with the people you love, so that even more children can experience the Good News and Great Joy of a simple shoebox gift!