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International Disaster Response & UK Disaster Relief

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Time is of the essence when a disaster befalls a nation. The level of need in these situations is overwhelming with vital necessities for life such as food, water, shelter and healthcare being effected. Every hour is vital to the lives of countless people. By enabling and supporting the vast resources and knowledge of Samaritan’s Purse you can make a vital difference to people in desperate circumstances!

Your partnership would equip us to bring fast and highly effective aid response of the highest standard, in the name of Jesus Christ. Samaritan’s Purse has been responding in the aftermath of natural disasters, famines, disease and war since 1992. Since 2015 we provided relief for people who had been effected by the Ebola virus in Liberia, the cyclone in Vanuatu, the earthquakes in Nepal and Ecuador. And it’s not just international, through the UK Rapid Response Teams you and your church can aid local people by offering practical support to flood, fire and storm damage victims as well as crisis trained volunteer chaplains to care for the emotional and spiritual needs of those effected by disaster in the UK and Europe.


2 Billion +

People were affected by disasters in the last decade, mainly in the developing world.


3,200,000 +

Iraqis have been displaced since January 2014—the majority were forced to flee in the wake of ISIS advances.



homes were damaged in the UK floods last year. Some of these homes were not adequately covered by insurance.

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4 pre-positioned warehouses containing shelter items, blankets, mosquito nets, jerry cans, cooking kits, hygiene kits, small and large-scale water filtration units are situated in North America, Dubai and Johannesburg which enable essential items to be shipped to disaster areas as soon as possible.


Our recently refurbished DC-8 cargo plane can carry 40 tons of emergency supplies and up to 30 personnel to bring relief to traumatized survivors within 24 hours.


Meeting the need and saving lives with about 735 metric tonnes of food, 107,200 hygiene kits and 54,400 shelters distributed in the past 2 years.

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  • 1. NEPAL - Earthquake
  • 2. LIBERIA – Ebola
  • 3. ECUADOR – Earthquake
  • 4. NORTHERN IRAQ - Internally Displaced People
  • 5. VANUATU - Cyclone
  • 6. PHILLIPPINES - Hurricane/Tsunami
  • 7. UK – Flooding (Kendal, Shipley, Inverurie)
  • 8. PARIS, BRUSSELS, NICE – Rapid Response Chaplains


Response 1

International Disaster Response

In a disaster the goal is to help vulnerable people facing crises, to reduce suffering and meet physical needs. This utilises all our experience in food distribution, water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter and medical services. Together, we need to bring the best possible response as fast as we can!

In the wake of the Ecuador earthquake in April 2016 many hospitals suffered irreparable damage. Our supporters enabled us to deploy an emergency field hospital, relief supplies and 60 medical staff to meet the huge need just 4 days after the earthquake. Within 24 hours the field hospital was set up ready to treat patients. It has an emergency room with the capacity to see more than 100 people a day, an operating theatre with the ability to perform 7 - 10 surgeries daily, 20 inpatient beds, and an outpatient clinic with ultrasound imaging capabilities, on-site pharmacy and pharmacist.

Response 1

UK Disaster Relief

When last year brought us the wettest December in a century the resulting floods damaged about 16,000 homes. Our supporters enabled volunteers, to deploy to Kendal, Shipley and Inverurie to work with churches and local authorities with the recovery process. The volunteers were involved in supporting some of those who were not adequately covered by insurance to clean up property and in a few cases to move to temporary accommodation.

Crisis trained volunteer chaplains also worked to care for the spiritual and emotional needs within the affected community. In addition UK rapid response volunteer chaplains joined international deployments following the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and Nice, to help provide strength, hope and comfort through Jesus Christ in the midst of their grief.

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Working with our local UK church partners, disaster response sites are set up to create the best environment for delivering immediate assistance.


Partnership with local governments, authorities and agencies ensure a coordinated and effective response.


Meeting not only the practical needs but also offering emotional care within the effected community.


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