Feeding Families at Risk of Starvation and Hypothermia in Afghanistan

‘It’s minus 12 degrees and people are trying to sell their possessions to buy a loaf of bread.’

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As you read this, thousands of families are facing the bitter cold winter in Afghanistan with empty stomachs and no idea where their next meal will come from.

The Disasters Emergency Committee has said that eight million people are at risk of starvation, with three million children under five expected to suffer acute malnutrition.

Many are trying to barter with their possessions, but in the more remote areas of Afghanistan people have little to begin with and even less chance to trade it for food. The situation has continued to worsen over the past four months, with the onset of a freezing winter.

Facing the bitter cold without the energy food provides leads to terrible consequences.

One partner in Afghanistan reported finding a family with three children who had frozen to death.

Samaritan’s Purse is working with partners on the ground who have teams ready to respond to the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan and, alongside the UN, are one of the only agencies able to reach those in these most affected regions.  

Together we can extend a helping hand to a family at risk of starvation and hypothermia in Afghanistan,  who are facing the most desperate time of their life. 


Samaritan’s Purse partners distributing food supplies. Image altered to protect identity.

Samaritan’s Purse partners distributing food supplies. Image altered to protect identity.

Our aim is to supply food packages and warm blankets to those most in need. We are looking to immediately help 500 families (around 3,500 people) with supplies for a month to help them make it through the winter, but we hope to do so much more. Will you help?

‘At one food distribution, two women showed up together, one carrying the other who was elderly and disabled and wearing no shoes. Most likely they had already traded these for a small bite to eat. No one should have to choose between wearing shoes in freezing temperatures or being able to feed themselves.’ – Partner organisation.

It costs just £2.07 to feed a family of seven for one day, or £62.16 for one month.

Feed a Family today

Transporting food across inhospitable terrain.

Relief package per household (ave 7 people) for 30 days.

Item* Qty Cost
Wheat Flour (kg) 50 £21.46
Rice (kg) 10 £8.14
Vegetable Oil (lit) 5 £8.88
Beans (kg) 7 £8.14
Tea ( Green) (kg) 1 £3.70
Sugar (kg) 2 £1.48
Blankets (each) 2 £10.36
TOTAL Cost for 30 days £62.16

*All supplies are sourced as locally as possible from within Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. 

Will you give today and supply families with their most basic of needs: food to eat and a blanket to ward off the cold? 


Afghanistan Winter Crisis Response

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