Eternal Hope in a Time of Uncertainty

Responding to COVID-19 Across the Globe

The COVID-19 pandemic has in some way disrupted everyday life for nearly everyone on the planet. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Parents are struggling to provide food for their children. Medical care is a challenge as hospitals and clinics are pushed beyond capacity.

Sadly, more than 6 million people worldwide have been sickened with the coronavirus and more than 400,000 people have died.

Yet, during this time of fear and uncertainty, Samaritan’s Purse continues to serve in Jesus’ Name to help alleviate suffering and to offer the eternal hope of the Gospel.

In the United Kingdom we have launched our ‘This is Love’ COVID-19 initiative. We have leveraged our disaster relief supply chain to equip the good work of UK churches and charities with PPE as they strive to meet the practical needs of the most disadvantaged in their communities, under the ever-present risk of the coronavirus.

They have been standing in the gap for years, but now these essential services are more important than ever. Food banks, supporting refugees, sheltering the homeless, and caring for the elderly are key to ensuring the marginalised in society are not forgotten. But these and many other vital but overlooked services are at risk.

We have already received over 500 requests from people and projects who desperately need the equipment to carry on. Vital face masks, gloves, and sanitiser would allow them to have a measure of safety as they care for their communities. We are hearing that people are tired, scared and sometimes feel forgotten, but they don’t have to be.


In addition to our work in the United Kingdom, our global field offices (16 of them), International Headquarters and affiliate offices (Canada/Germany/Australia) have launched new efforts or adapted projects to support people who are suffering during this global pandemic. We are also partnering with organisations in more than a dozen additional countries to meet urgent needs.


Samaritan's Purse Staff with PPE Kits Ready to be Dispatched


Among our many projects in Africa we are providing critical medical supplies to those in remote areas while training local health centre staff in on how to use personal protective equipment. We continue to provide clean water for drinking and washing as well as emergency food supplies.

Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, teams are working in several countries to provide hygiene kits, hand-washing soap, medical supplies, emergency food, and coronavirus prevention education.

Middle East

A Samaritan’s Purse team in the Middle East is serving mothers in Iraq by delivering food and hygiene kits and teaching about stress management.

South America

And in South America, we are offering primary medical care, hygiene training, and emergency food packages to migrant communities along the Colombia-Venezuela border. We’re also working in Bolivia to distribute food and hygiene kits and teach about virus prevention.

Please continue to pray for our teams across the globe as they demonstrate God’s love to hurting people during this worldwide crisis.

Note: You may also be interested in learning more about our Emergency Field Hospitals deployed to Italy, New York, and Alaska.

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