Bringing Relief after the Caribbean Hurricanes

Maria and Irma’s devastating winds left devastation across the Caribbean. Together we are rebuilding lives.

The Crisis

After Hurricane Maria and Irma decimated the Caribbean Islands of St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica and Puerto Rico. Extreme rains, large storm surges and 185 mph winds resulted in significant damage, including extensive flooding and mudslides, damage to road infrastructure and buildings, and electricity and water shortages. Samaritan’s Purse responded by sending a disaster assistance response team (DART) and emergency supplies to each island.

Thanks to your generosity, 985 tons of life-saving supplies were transported and distributed for the response. 

Caribbean Distributions

  • 104,863 Shelter Tarpaulin kits
  • 11,746 Hygiene Kits
  • 2,354 Generators
  • 35,000 Food Boxes
  • 2.9 million litres of clean water
  • 25,511 Water Filtration Kits
  • 3,091 patients treated through our mobile medical clinics

Help Us Rebuild Lives

On 24th December 2017 our disaster response in the Caribbean officially ended but we are still there, working with local churches to help the hurting. Your support is enabling us to rebuild lives in the Caribbean following Hurricanes Irma and Maria:


  •  Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria’s fierce winds and pounding rain decimated the U.S. commonwealth. Our goal is to help rebuild 500 homes and 20 churches over the next one to two years. A volunteer network will soon be up and running. According to reports, 84 percent of the embattled island has power back, but more than 400,000 customers are still without electricity-many of whom live in hard-to-access mountain regions. As a result, we will be distributing small solar units that can be mounted on roofs. These units can supply enough electricity to provide for a small house (including a refrigerator).


  • Barbuda: Hurricane Irma flattened the island, home to about 1,700 people. Most are still living on the nearby sister island of Antigua, but more and more are trickling back to Barbuda. We already have several staff members stationed there, and they’re hard at work. To date, they’ve already repaired 18 homes and are aiming to tackle another 55 more by the end of July. They will also work on three churches that were significantly damaged. We are recruiting volunteers who can help with this rebuilding project. In addition, we continue to maintain our reverse-osmosis plant that’s producing safe water for families.


  • Dominica: Hurricane Maria’s Category 5 winds pulverized the island. Right now, we have 10 international field staff and a team of 15 national staff on the ground, and that’s growing. Up first will be assisting with an estimated 1,000 roof repairs. Over the next two to three years, we’re also planning to help reconstruct about 30 churches across the island, as well as providing reconstruction support to approximately 825 beneficiaries through our home repair efforts. In partnership with UNICEF and the local water company, we’re continuing to produce clean, safe drinking water and trucking it to needy communities. At the same time, we’re exploring how we can help people-including poultry farmers and fishermen-rebuild their livelihoods.


  • St. Martin: The island sustained extensive damage when Hurricane Irma barreled through. Samaritan’s Purse was the first relief organization to arrive to pass out food, water, and heavy-duty shelter tarp. There’s a five-person team already at work, and our goal is to repair 15-20 churches, restore 100 houses, and provide 500 families with assistance (large appliance distribution) over the next nine months.


Strengthening the Local Church in Puerto Rico

Pastor Anibal Serrano shepherds a church near the mountainous region of Ponce, in Puerto Rico. When the devastating winds of Hurricane Maria tore the roof off his church, he was distraught. “I felt hopeless. I hit rock bottom,” he recalled.

After Hurricane Maria devastated his church, Pastor Anibal Serrano was ready to give up. He thanks God for using Samaritan’s Purse at just the right time to encourage him.

After Hurricane Maria devastated his church, Pastor Anibal Serrano was ready to give up. He thanks God for using Samaritan’s Purse at just the right time to encourage him.

Though their roof was gone, the 100 church members didn’t stop meeting for worship and they reached out to their community, even sharing the Gospel in local prisons. When Samaritan’s Purse told Pastor Anibal we would help rebuild their church, his spirit was uplifted. “God used you to encourage my faith just when I needed it,” he said. The roof has been replaced and the church continues to make a difference for Christ.




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