Homes For Ukraine: Helping Local Partners Find Safety In The UK

Our Operation Christmas Child project has a long history in Ukraine and we value the relationships we have with the National and Regional leadership teams throughout the country. We are praying for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine during this awful time.

Hundreds of churches in the UK are involved in Operation Christmas Child. Using the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, Samaritan’s Purse will match Ukrainian Operation Christmas Child team members &/or their immediate families, with UK  church members who chose to act as sponsors and hosts in their homes. We will also arrange and pay for the travel of those coming to the UK.

Could you or your church host an Operation Christmas Child partner and their family?

Are you or your church called to be one of these hosts?

Ukrainians wanting to leave the current crisis are welcome in the UK. The UK government have created a scheme titled ‘Homes for Ukraine’ under which Ukrainians can come to the UK; are entitled to live and work here, and have access to local services, for up to three years. UK families will sponsor Ukrainians and offer accommodation in their homes. Answers to frequently asked questions about the scheme can be found on the website below:

If you would be interested in working with Samaritan’s Purse UK to host a Ukrainian individual or family, who are part of the Operation Christmas Child network in Ukraine, please answer the questions below:

Other Ways You Can Make a Difference

If hosting a Ukrainian family isn’t right for you at this time, we understand, but there is still a way you can make a difference to families looking to come to the UK and those still in Ukraine or its bordering nations.

A donation today could help fund the costs involved in supporting Operation Christmas Child workers and their families to take refuge in the UK, including travel and settlement costs, plus fund vital medical work in and around Ukraine for all who need it.

Since February 24th, Samaritan’s Purse has actively served more than 25,000 refugees and internally displaced persons across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova.

We have set up an Emergency Field Hospital on the outskirts of Lviv, Ukraine, a Medical Stabilisation Point established at a busy train station in Lviv and an Emergency Outpatient clinic in Southern Ukraine, as well as another outpatient Mobile Medical Unit established in Moldova.

Your gift today can help all of this work to continue.

Help provide safety and medical care

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