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Bring clean water to a community

REF: 2320-500-100

Each day, Dama awoke early to begin the four-hour trek to collect water. She could only carry one jug, so her family of nine carefully rationed the precious water. Survival depends on access to water, so Samaritan’s Purse is working to bring water to communities that are stricken by drought, disaster, or poverty. Your gift can help rehabilitate a broken well, install a rainwater storage system, or dig a water pan—like the one we dug in Dama’s village. Now, Dama’s children are no longer in danger of dehydration, and she has more hours in the day to care for her family. As we create access to water, we also teach families how good hygiene can keep them healthy, and we take every opportunity to share the Gospel.

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Suggested Gift: £56.00

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