Bringing Relief in Mosul

Samaritan’s Purse has a disaster response team on the ground in Northern Iraq, joining our national staff as they provide physical and spiritual relief in Jesus’ Name. We are providing relief to thousands of people who have already fled Mosul and surrounding villages, as the Iraqi military offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS occupation continues.

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Urgent need

In partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Health, we are setting up an emergency field hospital equipped with two operating rooms, nearly 50 beds, and more than 40 staff to the plains of Nineveh east of Mosul. We anticipate treating injuries from gunfire, mines, and other explosives as many dozens of civilians are harmed daily in the conflict. Christian medical personnel are urgently needed for this response – click here to learn more about serving on our Disaster Assistance Response Team in Iraq.

Latest news

  • Number of people who have fled Mosul is now at over 132,000
  • Among the needs of those who’ve fled are:
    • Food, water, shelter
    • Long-term deprivation of chronic and emergency medical needs
    • Malnutrition – significantly affecting mothers and their babies
    • Recovery from trauma – many have lost family members and witnessed ISIS-inflicted atrocities
  • Samaritan’s Purse is supplying vital supplies, including:
    • food
    • tarpaulins for shelter
    • blankets
    • Jerry cans
    • water filters
    • hygiene kits
  • We sent a medical team to assess the health needs, and are now setting up an Emergency Field Hospital. We staff it with medical team, but will look to enlist Iraqi doctors and nurses. Find out more about the hospital and how you can help here
  • Pressing needs include means to survive the bitterly cold winter. We are chartering our DC8 aircraft to transport furhter cooking kits, blankets, and other supplies necessary for this
  • Partnering with World Food Programme, we are providing food in six camps. In addition they have requested us to extend this food distribution to villages. This brings the total number of people that we have been asked to feed to 30,000 households, or approximately 150,000 people
  • UNICEF have asked us to distribute hygiene kits and water purification kits for 150,000 families
  • We are also recognised WASH [water, sanitation and hygiene] partners to OCHA
  • You can help by praying for the needs of all those who are displaced, and our relief teams on the ground. To make a one-off donation towards this life-saving work, please use the form below.

A Mosul widow talks to us from a relief camp

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Emergency - Donate to Northern Iraq

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Your donation will provide emergency assistance to refugees in northern Iraq, including those currently fleeing the city of Mosul. Any funds remaining, after this response, will be used by Samaritan’s Purse to provide critical life-saving assistance in other/future international disaster situations.