Operation Christmas Child

Thank You!

Thank you so much for packing a shoebox in 2020!

You were part of sending a fantastic 265,975 gifts of love from the UK to Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Together you equipped thousands of churches and groups to reach out generously to children in need in their communities, with the joy of a shoebox gift and the Good News of the Christmas story.

You are the people who make Operation Christmas Child possible and we love to provide you with feedback. Where possible we seek to share with you the country your shoebox was sent to, when you make a project donation using the online donation method. However, while we endeavour to ensure each barcode is scanned, very occasionally one can get missed due to human error or when we encounter technical difficulties with the scanner reading the barcode e.g. some print outs using ‘ink-saving’ modes do not scan well.

We would like to apologise that on this occasion we are unable to provide you with this information but to reassure you that your shoebox gift will have reached its destination and made a real difference to the precious child receiving it. We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause and are working to further improve our scanning process.

We’ve shared some of our favourite videos, photos and stories from around the world where shoebox gifts just like yours have made a real difference.


Children in a remote Asian village receive their first gifts ever…

Happy scenes of shoebox joy as these delighted boys explore their gifts in Tanzania…

This little girl’s joy is visible to all as she discovers a brand new doll and many other treasures in her shoebox gift…

Stories From Around the World

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Perfect Gift  

“During a shoebox distribution in Kakanj one child came up to us and told us he had lost his favourite gloves and that he was sad because he needed them. When we finished praying for the shoeboxes we told the kids how the gifts came to us. We also told them that God knows what they need. When the kids opened their gifts the same little boy came over to us again, all happy and said ‘How is it possible for me to receive the same gloves in the same colour and the same size? I’m so happy. Thank you God!’”


Belarus: A Mother’s Joy! 

At a nursery 31 children heard about the Christmas story and were delighted to receive shoebox gifts. The parents expressed how thankful they were, and that children loved the gift boxes very much. One mother stopped the local partner the next day and said that she too had received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift when she was a child, and that it was the most memorable thing from her childhood.


Ukraine: Nicky’s Story

Nicky was born in Ukraine, his biological parents were alcoholics and Nicky spent time on the streets, eating out of rubbish bins and sleeping in sewers, before ending up in an orphanage. At the orphanage Nicky received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox…


Pacific Islands, Saipan: School Supplies Bring Great Joy!

Eden, 12, is just one of many children who lived through the terrifying typhoon Yutu in Saipan. She was delighted to receive a shoebox gift and said her favourite gift was a calculator. “I’m very thankful for the calculator because it can help me in school,” she said. “Most of my school supplies were gone in the typhoon.”

Girls opening shoeboxes in Saipan


Central Asia: Yuliya’s Puppy Dog


Lesotho: Reminded of God’s love

Reithabetse, aged nine, doesn’t know her father. Her mother works in South Africa and rarely returns to Lesotho to check up on her, so she lives with a grandmother from the church in her village. Reithabetse rejoiced to receive a shoebox gift filled with a doll, socks, a washcloth, soap, books, and pencils, and also participated in The Greatest Journey discipleship class. She marvelled at Lesson 1 that described all the things God created, and soon gave her life to Jesus Christ. She also brought her siblings Karabo and Mamohlakoana with her to church. Every time she plays with the gifts from her shoebox, she is reminded of God’s great love for her.


Kenya: Kululu’s Story 


Hard-to-reach Area: A Picture Of Hope

Samira received a shoebox gift at an Operation Christmas Child distribution event when she was nine years old. Among the many things she found in the box was a yellow camera that brought her great happiness.

Nineteen years later she felt compelled to write about the gift that she received when she was young. “This camera that I found in the shoebox when I was nine was a sign that something special will happen one day” she says. She had a difficult childhood but she felt the love of God through this special gift. Samira is now a professional photographer. She feels it was a sign from God that after all those years she has become a photographer. The shoebox touched her life in a special way and reminded her of God’s blessing and love over her life.

A Glimpse Of The Joy Your Shoebox Gifts Bring

Our Local Partners

Operation Christmas Child invests in building National Leadership Teams made up of trained local volunteers and staff within over 100 countries. These teams then work alongside many Regional Leadership Teams who in turn train local church leaders and teachers.

Thank You

Thank you so much for packing a shoebox gift and sending love and hope to a child in need. Your generosity makes such a difference!