Operation Christmas Child

2019 - Ukraine

Location: Eastern Europe, between Poland, Romania, and Moldova in the west and Russia in the east

Population: 43,952,299, with 16% under the age of 15 (source – CIA The World Factbook)

Thank you for bringing Good News and great joy to a child living in Ukraine! Your shoebox gift was one of 18,989 sent to Ukraine from the UK in 2019.

We thank God for the thousands of children that have received shoeboxes here since Operation Christmas Child began distributions. While we are not able to provide pictures or information on the specific child who received your individual shoebox, we hope you will be inspired by the photos and stories below. 

Stories From Ukraine

Sophia Square Event

“On Sophia Square, one of the central squares of the capital, local churches organised a Christmas event on 25th December. The organising committee asked the local Operation Christmas Child team to tell children the Christmas story from the main Christmas stage and to give them shoebox gifts. It was a special time when we could tell children why Jesus came to earth as a baby and give them the gifts. We had great Christmas weather – it was cold outside and snowing. Boys and girls said that it was a very special Christmas for them.”

Girl with shoebox in the snow at Sophia square


Nicky’s Story

Nicky was born in Ukraine, his biological parents were alcoholics and Nicky spent time on the streets, eating out of rubbish bins and sleeping in sewers, before ending up in an orphanage. At the orphanage Nicky received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox:

“We never had any personal connection with anyone. The day I received an Operation Christmas Child gift, I saw all these green and red boxes and my heart was jumping with excitement. I was overwhelmed with joy. I’d never felt something like that before because I’d never got anything before in my life that was so personal and dear to my heart. There were so many wonderful toys and gifts in that box. My favourite of them all was the Yo-Yo.~”


Shoeboxes Filled With Love Change Lives In Ukraine

Our Local Partners

Operation Christmas Child invests in building National Leadership Teams made up of trained local volunteers and staff within over 100 countries. These teams then work alongside many Regional Leadership teams who in turn train local church leaders and teachers. In Ukraine, 22 teams are working with 1,489 ministry partners (teams of volunteers in local churches) to make Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey possible each year!


Thank You

Thank you so much for packing a shoebox gift and sending love and hope to a child in need. Your generosity makes such a difference!