Operation Christmas Child

2019 - Albania

Location: Southeastern Europe, between Greece to the south and Montenegro and Kosovo to the north

Population: 3,057,220, with 18% under the age of 15 (source – CIA The World Factbook)

Thank you for bringing Good News and great joy to a child living in Albania. Your shoebox gift was one of 15,304 sent to Albania from the UK in 2019.

We thank God for the thousands of children that have received shoeboxes here since Operation Christmas Child began distributions. While we are not able to provide pictures or information on the specific child who received your individual shoebox, we hope you will be inspired by the photos and stories below. 

Stories From Albania

Sharing Good News & Great Joy!

“This year we have distributed the gift boxes in some remote villages of Tropoja. It was a great blessing as very rarely is someone thinking of doing something in these villages. The distribution happened before the end of the school. The children were delighted with their gifts and we had the privilege to share the gospel with the kids, their parents and teachers.”

–  Local Ministry Partner


Albie’s Shoebox

Little Albie received a shoebox gift while in hospital and enjoyed exploring each item inside his treasure chest. The local volunteers also showed him how to play with a Yo-Yo for the first time.


A Huge Blessing

“In our village, Operation Christmas Child has been a huge blessing. It was an opportunity for children and families to come to church, and many never heard about our faith before. It was great to see our young people involved in giving out gifts.


We held an outreach event in a very small village that people hardly ever visit. There were 36 children in the school. While we were there, many parents heard about it and came to thank us for coming, as no one had visited them in a long time! We built good relationships with families, and our church is now helping some of the poor families. There was a 12-year-old girl there who had just become a mother; we are helping her, and she is also attending our The Greatest Journey club.”

–  Local Ministry Partner


A Passion For The Gospel

After receiving a shoebox gift last year Aida had the opportunity to take part in The Greatest Journey bible study programme. After 12 fun interactive sessions she graduated and received a New Testament Bible. She enjoyed reading her Bible so much that she has read it three times already and bookmarked her favourite parts!

Well thumbed New Testament

10 Seconds Of Shoebox Joy In Albania!

Our Local Partners

Operation Christmas Child invests in building National Leadership Teams made up of trained local volunteers and staff within over 100 countries. These teams then work alongside many Regional Leadership teams who in turn train local church leaders and teachers. In Albania 5 teams are working with 86 ministry partners (teams of volunteers in local churches) to make Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey possible each year!


Thank You

Thank you so much for packing a shoebox gift and sending love and hope to a child in need. Your generosity makes such a difference!