Will you help save a child’s life when disaster strikes?


The sight of little Mohammad clutching to his father’s arms, struggling to breathe properly is heart-breaking. He was one of the latest victims of the diphtheria outbreak in the overcrowded refugee camp in Bangladesh.



This disease restricts the victims airway and can be fatal if not properly treated. Mohammad could have died too. He was close to respiratory failure. He could have been just another statistic who lost his life in a disaster situation.



But, the good news is that Mohammad recovered! 

Today this little boy is alive and well because of the generosity of people like you who enable us to save lives in refugee camps and other places where disaster strikes.


Mohammad’s father did not know where to look for help until someone told him about Samaritan’s Purse Diphtheria Treatment Centre inside the camp.


Desperate for help he brought Mohammad to our centre where we resuscitated him and treated him with diphtheria antitoxin and antibiotics. Within a day or two Mohammad was able to breathe properly.


Will you join us in helping more children like Mohammad?


A tragedy is unfolding in the lives of thousands of Rohingya children like Mohammad. Many of them have endured much hardship already. And, as they spend months, even years years in refugee camps, their lives are at risk from deadly diseases like diphtheria and cholera.


With your help and the medical treatment we offer, more children like Mohammad  could be fully recovered in a day or two.

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