Responding to Mosul Together – the story so far

6th June 2017

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Our current response builds on nearly a decade of continuous work in northern Iraq. In 2008 we came to northern Iraq to serve those affected by Saddam Hussein’s Anfal campaign. Children’s programmes, medical care, and other projects for those displaced by ISIS have hallmarked our efforts to provide relief in Jesus’ Name. Our Christian presence is welcomed in Iraq as an agent of peace between conflicting Shi’a and Sunni Muslims.

In June 2014 Mosul fell to ISIS occupation, and in October 2016 the Iraqi military offensive to free Mosul from ISIS control commenced. As a street to street battle raged, civilians fled their homes, sometimes being shot by ISIS as they did. Samaritan’s Purse was able to assist in the response to the surge of sometimes thousands of people fleeing each day.
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Thank you for your support and prayers. Here is a reminder of what we’ve shared over the months.

October 2016
Early scenes as people began to flee the city.

Our team shares insights and prayer requests

November 2016

A Samaritan’s Purse team member writes about life in an evacuee camp, while our country director for northern Iraq, Matthew Nowery, gives a video summary, with a prayer request for opportunities to share God’s love.

As the conflict in the city progressed, Iraqi people began to return to outlying villages, to begin the process of rebuilding. Our country director Matthew Nowery visited a village and went inside a church destroyed by ISIS.

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Some of the Iraqi people we met

In December 2016, our Executive Director visited Mosul

Simon Barrington writes and sends video updates from his visit to the relief work.

Our Emergency Field Hospital

A Samaritan’s Purse medical team visited the region to ascertain how we could more fully meet the needs of the displaced Iraqi people. Just before Christmas, we dispatched a cargo jet carrying our transportable Emergency Field Hospital, and more relief supplies, bound for Erbil. It landed there on Christmas morning.

January 2017 – The hospital opens and is dedicated

The conflict moves to west Mosul

By mid-January, the eastern part of the city had been liberated from ISIS. Children began to return to school, and the process of recovering and rebuilding began. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people were still trapped in the western part of the city, in many cases without food and water. Samaritan’s Purse continues to offer relief, and is committed to Iraq for the long term, as its people recover and rebuild.

March and April news

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The human cost – Meet more people displaced from Mosul

Mosul’s Children

More from our Emergency Field Hospital

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