This Project Has Changed Our Lives

11th August 2022

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BioSand Water Filters and flourishing crops are transforming Alice’s Kenyan community.

Worship service has just ended at a small church in Kenya’s countryside. As Alice exits the building, several thirsty brothers and sisters in Christ fall in step beside her. Together, they travel the short, well-worn path to Alice’s home.

They’d like to stop by for a drink from Alice’s blue, plastic BioSand Water Filter before making their journeys home. Of course, she is more than happy to share a glass.

For Alice, sharing the blessing of safe, life-giving water is a way she shares the love of Jesus Christ with those around her.

Alice’s uses a new, plastic version of a BioSand Water Filter, a lifesaving technology.

Alice’s uses a new, plastic version of a BioSand Water Filter, a lifesaving technology.

As the church’s assistant pastor, she preaches about “Living Water” (John 7:38) during mid-week services. She also uses the opportunity to tell others about the importance of safe water. Both have changed the course of her life.

“Before we got the BioSand Water Filter at home, we had rampant cases of amoebic infections, stomachaches, and even cases of typhoid due to drinking dirty water,” she explained. “This reduced so much after these filters were brought to us. I’m so grateful for this BioSand Water Filter. Since I got it, we have been drinking clean water.”

Alice shares about her new filter as she enjoys a glass of water poured from its spout. Unlike before, she doesn’t fear getting sick from this drink. The water she and many in her community used to consume came directly from contaminated wells or rainwater. It would appear clean to the eye but, in reality, contain dangerous bacteria. “I used to boil the water,” Alice remembered. “But it was not 100 percent effective… With this [BioSand Water Filter], I just add water. The water remains clean.”

“I’m so grateful for this BioSand Water Filter … We have been drinking clean water.”
-Alice, Kenya

Through your gifts that provide these lifesaving filters alongside health and hygiene training, God is lifting the heavy burden of sickness from Alice’s village—and it’s just the beginning.

In her community and around the world, plentiful clean water goes hand-in-hand with bountiful crops. Both are foundational to good health, giving families the strength to work, go to school, and live. We have been working with Tenwek not only to provide families with BioSand Water Filters but also to distribute tools, seeds, and the know-how to grow healthy food.

For Alice, this has meant getting access to the tools and the opportunity to grow a beautiful kitchen garden bursting with vegetables. And she is using what she learned to teach others—especially young people—how they too can grow nutritious, life-sustaining crops. “This project has changed our lives. We are grateful,” Alice said with joy.

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