Someone Wants to Say Thank You!

27th August 2014

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A heartfelt thank you from the families around the world whose lives are being transformed through your support of the Samaritan’s Purse Raising Families programme!

The truth is,1 in 6 families are struggling to survive right now. In the dusty villages of Swaziland, in the sleepy towns of Central Asia and in the busy slums of Uganda, thousands of older siblings, parents and grandparents are struggling to keep their families alive. They desperately need food, clothes, education and medical care. But, most of all they need someone to enable them to take their first steps towards a life free of poverty. This is where you and Raising Families come in.

Raising Families is the most effective way of fighting poverty. It does this by working through local churches to meet the immediate needs of poor families. Then, over a three year period, show them how to make a living by using local resources and developing new skills.

Through Raising Families, a single mother, a grandmother or a widowed father can make a decent living, so they can put food on the table, send their children to school and keep them safe from deadly diseases. Over time, the poor families you are helping will be able to move from surviving to thriving. Adults will get their dignity and self-respect back and their homes will be filled with their children’s laughter. And, most of all, they will have plenty of opportunities to hear the Gospel and respond to God’s love for them.


Learn more about Raising Families.

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