Seeing God at Work in 2021

We give God the glory for blessing the work of Samaritan’s Purse in 2021!

We responded around the world to bring relief to hurting people and help them recover from natural disasters, disease, and many other difficulties. More important, we were able to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and saw many people repent and receive salvation in His Name. COVID-19 presented many challenges, but it didn’t stop God from working in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls worldwide. To Him be all the glory!

Warmly Welcoming Those Who’ve Fled Afghanistan

In the early days of the crisis, Samaritan’s Purse partnered with organisations on the ground to bring hundreds of these men, women, and children to safety. We also began work at transit centres in Eastern Europe and elsewhere overseas, where Afghan evacuees crowded in by the thousands.

We’ve provided these families with supplies to assist them as they wait for a more permanent situation. Relief items have included clothing, blankets, hygiene kits, solar lamps, baby carriers, and space heaters. In addition to meeting some of these basic needs, a warm welcome and other kindnesses have gone a long way to offer them dignity and show them the love of God.


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Bringing Medical Care to Suffering Families in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

The weight of the humanitarian crisis in Tigray is palpable, but it’s rarely in the news—even as urban areas in northern Ethiopia swell with traumatised families living in schools and tarpaulin shelters.

Samaritan’s Purse has been working in this region since February providing emergency food, cooking kits, and other relief. We have airlifted more than 135 tonnes of aid aboard our DC-8.

Recently our teams have started constructing temporary shelters for families displaced by violent conflict—with more than 400 completed and hundreds more under construction. Now we’re also providing medical care in this area where clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed or incapacitated by vandalism.


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Providing Clean Water in Ethiopia

For the past two years, Samaritan’s Purse has been working tirelessly with those in need in the SNNP region of Ethiopia. We’ve improved access to safe and clean water, established 34 water user committees for communities to take ownership of these water schemes, and conducted surveys ahead of laying water pipes to connect schools and communities to clean water sources. Throughout our work we have integrated biblical values, partnering with local churches to build sustainable relationships within communities. Our aim is to fill both the physical and spiritual needs of those we support.


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Providing Hope to Refugees in The Middle East

We would like to thank you for your generous support to empower Syrians to live resiliently and with dignity through our apprenticeship and business grant programme.

Through your donations, young men and women are learning trades that are needed in the local community such as sewing, vehicle mechanics and maintenance, industrial baking, and hair styling, and new and expanding businesses are being supported as they grow and become competitive in their local markets.

To date we have 38 businesses and 72 apprentices who are actively engaged with us in this programme.

Several companies have expressed their intent to hire these young men and women after their apprenticeship period is over, giving them a chance at a sustainable livelihood in the future.


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Still Meeting Desperate Needs After Haiti Quake

Following the recent earthquake in Haiti Samaritan’s Purse operated a 36-bed Emergency Field Hospital in Les Cayes. The field hospital was deployed with an operating theatre, pharmacy, laboratory, and three patient wards so that our medical team could serve people injured in the earthquake. The local hospital was damaged during the quake—reducing their capacity as the region experienced an increase in need. Since its opening the field hospital, Samaritan’s Purse treated more than 2,000 patients and performed 79 surgeries.


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Delivering Learning in Lockdown

The announcement of a third lockdown in early January meant that schools across the UK closed, leaving parents across the country suddenly needing to support children who are learning from home.

Along with the announcement was the acknowledgement that closing schools has a negative impact on the education of children and youth. This is experienced even more acutely in households which aren’t financially able to provide laptops or tablets – and for some this pressure is compounded by needing to provide for more than one child.

Samaritan’s Purse supported the learning of children in lockdown by supplying children accross the country with devices to enable them to indivudually learn whilst the country was in lockdown and the schools were closed.

Messages of thanks have flooded in — from school head teachers to local church leaders expressing the difference the devices are making to children in need.

‘The supply of six laptops and four devices for children who are home-schooling is nothing short of transformational. This partnership with Samaritan’s Purse makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of children and their families. It not only answers a crucial need now, and demonstrates faith in action, it also alleviates a huge pressure for families that otherwise would not be able to help their children with access to a device.

In addition, this simple act of love offers a brighter and better future to these children and their families. It’s life-changing. I am thrilled by the way the partnership has worked – both its efficiency and its effectiveness. I am also delighted that this partnership is accountable, with a clear audit trail for those who want to make sure that what they give goes directly to people in need. Without a doubt, this is the case with this project.


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