Restoring Sight in Liberia

4th January 2022

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Cataract surgeries offer life-changing results and open doors for the Gospel.

With one hand outstretched and the other gripping a walking stick, Morry stumbled forward as a nurse led him to the operating room. Before surgery, Morry offered the same prayer he’s repeated for the last seven years: “God, please make my eyes free again.”

Morry was among the 181 patients who recently received surgery during a week-long cataract campaign in Liberia. Samaritan’s Purse partnered with local medical professionals to perform the surgeries at no cost to patients.

Desperate for Help

At first, Morry’s eyes just itched, but eventually all he could see were shadows, and then those shadows turned into darkness. Morry lost his job in the local market selling shoes.

During the weeklong campaign, 181 people received the gift of restored sight.

During the week-long campaign, 181 people received the gift of restored sight.

“I felt miserable and discouraged,” he said. “There was nothing I could do. People even had to give me food.”

Morry was unable to continue paying the school fees for his five children. The younger siblings stayed home and cared for their father while the older ones tried to look for work.

Once diagnosed with cataracts, Morry was desperate for treatment—if he regained his sight, he could regain his business and support his family.

Although the procedure itself is relatively simple, Morry quickly realised that the expensive surgical cost would never be within his reach.

“I continued to pray to God until we could find the best way forward,” he said.

Answered Prayers

One day, Morry was home listening to the radio when he heard an announcement that free cataract surgeries would soon be provided by Samaritan’s Purse at the local clinic. Finally, his prayers were answered.

We partnered with a local clinic to offer free eye surgeries.

We partnered with a local clinic to offer free eye surgeries.

Morry’s son accompanied him to the clinic. After the procedure, Morry spent the night in a recovery room and eagerly awaited the next morning when his eye bandage would be removed.

The next day, as a nurse slowly took off the bandage, Morry opened his eyes and said: “You’re wearing a mask. I can see it!” He clapped his hands in excitement.

The nurse then held up her fingers. First one, then two, then three. Morry grinned as he called out the different numbers.

“I will give praise to Almighty God and Samaritan’s Purse,” he said. “I will go back to work to help my family and send my children to school.”

With his walking stick discarded, Morry walked the clinic halls unassisted. He relished the joy of seeing his son’s face and of being able to do simple tasks, such as feeding himself, once again.

Two days later, Morry received surgery to remove the cataract from his other eye. He returned home, grateful to resume his normal work and routine.

Freedom from cataracts means freedom from helplessness, and with new sight also comes renewed purpose.

A Carpenter Once Again

Cletus is a carpenter who enjoys working with his hands to build houses and to do other general construction work. Yet, construction means long days under the blazing sun, and the consistent exposure to extreme heat eventually caused eye problems for Cletus.

Patients left the clinic with hope for a brighter future.

Patients left the clinic with hope for a brighter future.

“It began like dew falling in front of my eyes,” he explained. “I can see small, small things, but there are dark shadows.”

Cletus was unable to continue as a carpenter once he lost his vision. “I miss doing my work. I miss it too much. When you work, you’re able to help your family.”

Cletus said that although life became very difficult when he lost his sight, he refused to let hardships diminish his faith. “God is with me. I trust in God. I have no fear.”

Cletus saw God at work in his life when he received the cataract operation through Samaritan’s Purse. He couldn’t stop smiling as he celebrated the return of his sight.

“I am excited to see my children and my dear wife,” he said. “I have a testimony to give the Almighty God.”

We praise God that for seven patients, freedom from cataracts wasn’t the only freedom they experienced during the weeklong surgical campaign. After hearing the Gospel shared by the local staff, and seeing God’s love demonstrated through their words and actions, seven patients came to faith in Jesus Christ.

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