Relief for Ukrainians Trapped in Conflict – Operation Christmas Child Partners Share Aid

Right now, brave Ukrainian partners are risking their lives to help their communities, driving supplies of food and medication into combat zones across the country.

Our Operation Christmas Child network of over 3,200 church partners spans across Ukraine and they are travelling right up to the front lines to provide humanitarian aid to their countrymen.

“When we drive the supplies into cities, to blocks of flats, they open the doors of the van and people come out of their homes grateful for anything we can offer.” – local pastor.

A gift today can help to ensure essentials reach Ukraine and get into the hands of those who are suffering.

Help Ukrainians Trapped in Conflict

These Volunteers Are Willing But They Need Our Help To Continue.

Alongside the dangers these journeys present are challenges of a more practical nature. We recently heard of one Operation Christmas Child pastor and his son who were distributing food to hard hit areas when their van broke down, and there was no one to fix it. Through our networks, we were able to provide them with a new van so they could keep on reaching those who needed it most and showing them the love of Jesus.

Supplies of many essentials in Ukraine are running low.
The ongoing conflict has severely affected the country’s access to food, medical resources, and other household items. Many areas are facing extreme shortages and the people of Ukraine need our help to survive.

Today, you have a chance to provide them with the support they desperately need to reach those most at risk.

Provide Essential Supplies Today
Samaritan’s Purse is uniquely placed to support these men and women, and together, we can deliver:

Logistics and Infrastructure:

Across Europe, staff and volunteers are getting supplies into Ukraine to our three new warehouses ready for distribution.

Drawing on our experience with crisis response, we have established European-wide supply chains including three warehouses in Ukraine.

Our existing Operation Christmas Child programme also means we have experience getting materials into Ukraine and can move quickly to get aid to where it is needed most.
Get Supplies into Ukraine


We’re aiming to deliver 900 metric tonnes of food per week to our warehouses in Ukraine.

We are managing to source food and other urgently needed supplies at a time when there is a shortage across Europe, and we’re driving those supplies into new warehouses in Lviv and Vinnytsia.

Right now, we’re working on getting supplies to a third warehouse location further East, closer to the front lines.
For combat zones specifically, we’re making special food parcels for people who may need to evacuate suddenly.

Give the Gift of Food


So far, Samaritan’s Purse UK have supplied 40 vans to our local partners in Ukraine to load with supplies and drive to the hardest hit areas.

In the middle of a conflict, vehicles are in short supply, and there are few mechanics left to fix the ones that are broken.

Samaritan’s Purse is providing vehicles for our local partners to load up and drive supplies into areas where the need is greatest.


We’re sourcing supplies from across Europe and transporting them into Ukraine to our warehouses, where local partners and volunteers are then filling up vans and driving supplies into the hardest hit parts of Ukraine.

Each package or box or can is an opportunity to remind families in Ukraine that the Lord cares and has not abandoned them during their time of need.

Will you partner with men and women on the ground in Ukraine and provide them with the infrastructure, supplies and transportation they need?

Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

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