Bringing relief in Mozambique

Bringing relief in Mozambique

With your help, we were able to bring significant relief to Mozambique in the wake of Cyclone Idai, and six weeks later, Cyclone Kenneth. Here is some of what you made possible.

Responding quickly

Our dedicated DC-8 cargo plane is available to respond quickly in situations of crisis, and so our team were able to arrive in Mozambique within days of the cyclone.

Since 21 March, our DC-8 has made four return trips, in which it transported a total 90 tonnes of relief supplies.

Reaching the unreached

Our smaller DC-3 aircraft, which is based in Africa, provided access to hard-to-reach areas by shuttling supplies and medical personnel in 17 return trips.

Scenes of devastation

Our first team to arrive in Mozambique included disaster relief specialists, and medical personnel. They landed at Maputo Airport on 23 March, and sent this video message.

Responding to medical and physical needs

An early assessment of medical needs determined that our Emergency Field Hospital would be deployed and established in Buzi, one of the areas hit hardest by wind and flooding.

In the Emergency Field Hospital, our team have cared for over 4,000 patients, including those suffering from injuries sustained during the cyclone, and illnesses contracted from stagnant flood waters. We’ve also delivered dozens of babies, and this includes performing life-saving emergency C-sections.

For more insights from our team in the Emergency Field Hospital, watch this video.

As around 200,000 homes had been destroyed or damaged during the cyclone, shelter represented an urgent need. To date, our team have distributed over 14,000 shelter tarps.

Alongside 40 tonnes of food rations, we were also able to distribute over 3,000 water filters, and rehabilitate more than 240 existing boreholes and wells that were contaminated by flooding.

Some hardest places to reach, we travelled to by boat.

Responding spiritually

Samaritan’s Purse stands ready to respond to critical needs following disasters, and wherever we go, we do it in Jesus’ Name. Where possible we respond in partnership with ministry partners on the ground, and local churches.

Thank you again to all who have stood in prayer with us for our team and for the suffering people of Mozambique, and to those who supported us financially. We remain in the region, continuing to serve communities affected by cyclones.

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